How to Order Parts for your Pride Power Lift Recliner

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Your Power Lift Recliner from Pride Mobility is really three things in one. It’s your most comfortable chair, a medical device and a piece of electronic equipment. Following the instructions and routine maintenance schedule in your owners’ manual will ensure your sophisticated recliner is ready whenever you need to take a load off.

Eventually, your chair may need repairs or replacement parts. Let’s look at the parts of a Power Lift Recliner and then where to get replacements.

The Parts of a Power Lift Recliner

Pride Mobility Power Lift Recliners — including VivaLift and other collections — are made of several frame and electrical components.

The frame or body components include a removable back, chaise pad, seat, footrest, leg levelers, a lift frame and scissor mechanisms.

The electrical components include the external transformer with connection cables, hand control and motor. Batteries are not included, but are part of the chair’s electrical functionality.

Check your Warranty

What should you do if your power lift recliner breaks or stops functioning correctly? Step one is to check your warranty. We offer extended warranties including three- and five-year options. You should review your warranty to know what’s covered and for how long.

It is important to note that Pride Mobility dealers may also sell their own warranties. Contact your original provider — or review the warranty — to understand what your warranties cover.

Find a Pride Mobility Dealer

The most effective way to locate a Pride Mobility provider is to use our easy dealer locator. Simply type your address or zip code in the search bar.

Underneath the search bar is a dropdown menu. Clicking on the menu expands it to show all product options. Click on lift chair recliners to focus your search.

Once you type in your address and select your product type, you can click the “Click Here to Find Nearest Dealer” button. This brings you to the search results. You can see a list of power lift recliner dealers in that area, their addresses and phone numbers. You can expand your options by using the dropdown mileage menu to find dealers anywhere between 15 miles to 250 miles from the location you input.

You can also use the dealer locator to find online retailers who carry Pride products. The list of online dealers is at the bottom of the dealer locator page.

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  1. Need a new back motor for a lift/recliner chair. Is Monroe Wheelchair in Latham Ny still a dealer/ Would I have to have them order the part(HHC moror model LMD6208)?

      1. need a new push button control, (like the one you have pictured) the cord has a short in it. I’m on disability and looking for the best price?

        I bought a lift chair but really needed a cardiac chair that lifts my legs up with my heart level.

  2. We need to move our chairs to a different room
    Need help to take chair spray to move it
    Thanks Drene Borba

  3. need new electical components,wiring,controle box,remote on curly wire.chair never worked properly.
    had a repair man come tipped it worked.he smiled and left.same day stopped working again.

    1. sounds like a short, a wire not plugged in all the way. they come loose sometimes. did you get it fixed?

  4. I am looking for a replacment motor for a pride lift chair L1015107237F30(LL560KD0AT) JAMES WEBB

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