Dolores Osborne – Blooming Flowers, Blooming Smiles

Dolores Osborne appreciates life’s simple pleasures. When flowers bloom, so does her smile, because it means she can start gardening again.

“It’s very colorful,” Dolores said of her garden. “I fill it with tulips, impatiens, azaleas, begonias and more.”

For some time, Dolores lacked the mobility to maintain her flower garden, but her Jazzy® Select 6 from Pride Mobility® has given her the freedom to pursue her passion once again.

“Every day I am outside watering, weeding, trimming and admiring my work,” Dolores said. “Without my Jazzy, I couldn’t do the very thing that I love the most.”

Dolores, of Daleville, Pa., has spinal stenosis. Her Jazzy has been integral to her daily routine, which includes playing poker at the local senior center, spending time with her grandchildren, and of course, gardening.

“My Jazzy helps me do my gardening, but it also allows me to be more social,” Dolores said. “I can enjoy the company of my friends or my grandchildren whenever I want.”

In addition to her home in Pennsylvania, Dolores has a home in Florida where she often stays. Retreating to a warmer climate helps her relax and recuperate.

“It’s nice to get away sometimes,” Dolores said. “Florida is so calming. The neighborhoods are lovely, and taking a stroll on my Jazzy on a nice day is one of my favorite things to do.”

In Florida, Dolores frequents the clubhouse of Windrush Bay, a condo association located in Tarpon Springs. She eats breakfast there and plays cards with the other members.

“I love playing cards,” Dolores said. “Texas hold’em is my game of choice, but I’ve been known to dabble in blackjack, too.”

When in Pennsylvania, Dolores can also be spotted at the Mount Airy Casino in Mt. Pocono and the Mohegan Sun Casino in Plains Township, where she’ll try anything except dice games.

“At the casino, I play a variety of games, and that means I cover a lot of ground,” Dolores said. “I wouldn’t be able to do it without my Jazzy.”

Ultimately, for Dolores, the best part of having a Jazzy is the independence that comes with it. Without it, she would have to transfer to an assisted living facility or hire full-time help.

“Simply being able to get around has been a blessing,” Dolores said. “From my house to my garden to anywhere else I need to go, my Jazzy keeps me going. It makes me feel like I can do anything.”

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