Senior Centers in US

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What is the Purpose of a Senior Center?

A senior center in the United States offers the elderly with an opportunity to live a long, healthy life with health and wellness programs, recreational activities, and other supportive programs. They can be thought of as a “one stop shop”, where older adults can continue to find ways to improve their lives. Often, those that seek out the assistance of a senior center will find that the interaction and education available at these senior centers can help to manage, and often avoid, chronic illnesses such as diabetes or chronic lung disease. Many elderly people find that the ability to interact with other older adults in a social setting results in an improvement of their mental as well as spiritual and emotional well-being. Others have found that utilizing the offerings of a senior center can also improve their financial well-being! In a country with more than 40 million senior citizens, senior centers play their part by promoting health and well-being among nation’s rapidly growing and aging population.

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