Starting The Process of Obtaining a Mobility Scooter or Power Wheelchair

Pride® Mobility has long offered a diverse variety of mobility solutions, ranging from mobility scooters to electric wheelchairs and power lift recliners. With a wide range of options, you may be wondering if a mobility solution is right for you. If so, what kind? And would Medicare cover the cost? In order to answer theseContinue reading “Starting The Process of Obtaining a Mobility Scooter or Power Wheelchair”

Will Medicare Pay for a Mobility Scooter?

You’ve started to notice some challenges getting around and the question “will Medicare pay for a mobility scooter?” has entered your mind. Deciding to get help with mobility and understanding the process of funding a scooter can be complicated. Fortunately, there is a well-documented set of steps to get you the help you need. AsContinue reading “Will Medicare Pay for a Mobility Scooter?”

How do I pay for a Scooter, Lift chair, or Power Wheelchair and What is Care Credit?

You’ve decided it’s time to look into a Pride Mobility scooter or power wheelchair. Aside from what model you’re going to get, you’re probably wondering about cost. There are many options when it comes to financing a Pride Mobility device. Medicare or your private insurance typically covers up to 80% of the device, if itContinue reading “How do I pay for a Scooter, Lift chair, or Power Wheelchair and What is Care Credit?”

Resources for Mobility Product Coverage

We understand that while necessary, medical devices aren’t always budget friendly. However, there are ways you can purchase or get a mobility product without having to break the bank. Buying a Mobility Device Through Insurance Sometimes private insurance companies cover a mobility product if you qualify. If you are covered under an insurance policy, weContinue reading “Resources for Mobility Product Coverage”

United Cerebral Palsy Association

For 50 years, United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) has been committed to change and progress for persons with disabilities. The national organization and its nationwide network of 140 affiliates strive to ensure the inclusion of persons with disabilities in every facet of society – from the web to the workplace, from the classroom to the community. As theContinue reading “United Cerebral Palsy Association”

Medicaid Funding for Power Wheelchairs

Overview Medicaid is the largest program designed to provide medical and health-related services to people with low incomes and pay for covered medical services. Medicaid may cover a power wheelchair if the patient meets eligibility and coverage requirements. Title 19 of the Social Security Act is a program that provides medical assistance for certain individualsContinue reading “Medicaid Funding for Power Wheelchairs”

Medicare Funding for Power Wheelchairs

Overview Medicare is a federally funded program, designed to provide health insurance to people age 65 and over and certain people with disabilities, who are blind, totally and permanently disabled and have been receiving Social Security disability payments for 24 months, or who have end-stage renal disease. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)Continue reading “Medicare Funding for Power Wheelchairs”

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, often disabling disease of the central nervous system. Symptoms may be mild such as numbness in the limbs or severe — paralysis or loss of vision. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is dedicated to ending the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis. They also provide education, support and advocacy programs forContinue reading “National Multiple Sclerosis Society”

State Disability Coalitions on Assistive Technology

The fifty states have federally funded or non-profit programs to help disabled residents obtain Assistive Technology (AT) devices. Assistive technology is simply any device that a disabled person can use to assist them in learning, making their environment more accessible, performing a job in the work environment, increasing their independence or otherwise improving their qualityContinue reading “State Disability Coalitions on Assistive Technology”

United Spinal Association

United Spinal Association is a national 501(c) (3) nonprofit membership organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of all people living with spinal cord injuries and disorders (SCI/D), and providing support and information to loved ones, care providers and professionals. We believe no person should be excluded from opportunity based on their disability. OurContinue reading “United Spinal Association”