Plan Your Accessible Fourth of July Fireworks

Your guide to firework displays that are accessible for mobility devices All around the country people are raising their American flags, making their cookout shopping lists and scoping out the perfect place to “ooh and aah” at the fireworks. It’s almost the Fourth of July! Independence Day is a time when we relish in ourContinue reading “Plan Your Accessible Fourth of July Fireworks”

Accessible Camping

Where can you camp with a mobility scooter? Start by reimagining the “camping trip” Can you go camping with a mobility scooter or power wheelchair? If you grew up doing any kind of camping, you might have a very specific version of what that is in mind. June is National Camping Month, so we didContinue reading “Accessible Camping”

Accessible Summer Ideas

It’s hot, it’s humid and you’re ready for the outdoors Summertime’s arrived and you’re looking for ideas to keep busy outside with your mobility scooter or power chair. We’ve got some leads for you. Let’s get right to it! Go fishing Ahh … the ultimate summer pastime. Water lapping on the shoreline, dragonflies bumping intoContinue reading “Accessible Summer Ideas”

Plan your Father’s Day celebration

Ideas for dads who use a mobility scooter or power wheelchair It’s almost time to celebrate dear old dad for all that good advice and memorable adventures. Father’s Day is June 20. Do you have plans yet? If not, no sweat. We have some mobility device-friendly Father’s Day ideas that you can still get onContinue reading “Plan your Father’s Day celebration”

Multiple Sclerosis Day

What is Multiple Sclerosis? World MS Day is May 30th There are nearly three million people worldwide living with Multiple Sclerosis, or MS. This chronic and often disabling disease comes into focus each year on May 30, World MS Day. One of those people is Veronica Gogan, a mother, paralympic hopeful and Pride Mobility scooterContinue reading “Multiple Sclerosis Day”

Accessible Beaches

What are the most wheelchair accessible beaches? Dig out the sunscreen, the unofficial start of summer is almost here Let’s hit the beach! Summer unofficially starts next weekend, around Memorial Day, and we’re already scheming about how to sneak off to the seaside for a day or two just to get away. The ocean putsContinue reading “Accessible Beaches”

Accessible Cookout Ideas

Out of all the adaptive innovations since the last three decades, the wide world of grilling hasn’t exactly kept pace. Just about all consumer grills, the kind you think of for a classic backyard cookout, are built for people to use while standing. If you want anything close to that kind of TV-commercial, Hollywood-movie-backyard-experience fromContinue reading “Accessible Cookout Ideas”

Armed Forces Day

We Salute our Men and Women in Uniform Armed Forces Day is Our Chance to Celebrate Their Service It’s Armed Forces Day, a single day to celebrate all five branches of the U.S. Military. At Pride Mobility, we have a few extra reasons to support our women and men in uniform. First, by the natureContinue reading “Armed Forces Day”

International Nurses Day

No profession is as respected as nursing, let’s give thanks Whether your health brings you into a doctor’s office, a clinic or a hospital, you’re going to encounter a nurse. You may even receive nursing care at home. As a culture, we respect nurses. We love nurses. Nurses have held the top spot on Gallup’sContinue reading “International Nurses Day”

Accessible Cleaning Products and Tools

Get more done with these accessible products and appliances The last few years have seen tremendous improvement in the accessibility space for consumer products and appliances. User experience design has become an industry unto itself, and more people are focused making sure everyone can get the most out of consumer products, including people with disabilitiesContinue reading “Accessible Cleaning Products and Tools”