Weight Gain: The Battle of the Bulge

So you gained five pounds in the last year; no big deal. It’s probably not enough for anyone to notice. But think about it: What’s five pounds a year? It’s twenty pounds in four years. Fifty pounds in ten years. One hundred pounds in twenty years! Were you planning to be around in twenty years?Continue reading “Weight Gain: The Battle of the Bulge”

Your Gift Guide to Mobility Products

Picking out gifts for your loved ones each year can be a challenge. Some people are naturally good at picking the perfect gifts for their friends and family, but for many people, it can be difficult. Things get more complicated depending on the individual; some people are easier to buy for than others. Perhaps youContinue reading “Your Gift Guide to Mobility Products”

Advocacy & Protection

Advocacy and Legal Rights Many of the fifty states have advocacy and protection services for persons with disabilities. Their goal is to protect, promote, and expand the rights of the disabled. General beliefs across the board are that: Persons with disabilities should have the same opportunity to participate in the community as persons without disabilities.Continue reading “Advocacy & Protection”