Remodeling Your Home for Accessibility

Although there are many questions raised when faced with an aging or disabled family member, one important question is whether a home can be adapted for a mobility device. Many families may decide it is easier to move. Before taking that step, however, read Cynthia Wilson’s article, “How to Remodel for Accessibility.” Wilson interviewed Todd and Paula Crawford, whose son, Mackenzie, was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Makenzie uses a Pride Go-Go mobility scooter to help him get around.

The Crawford family hired a contractor to make their home handicap accessible for Mackenzie. The kitchen counters were reduced by several inches to provide easier access. They also widened the door openings and aisles to make it easy for a wheelchair to navigate through the house. Even with modifications, there house remains visually appealing, to maintain a broad market appeal. To view the full article, click here.

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