How to Order Wheelchair Parts

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Your Pride Mobility power wheelchair is a sophisticated piece of equipment. While they are built to last, some parts may need to be replaced over time. Here’s how to order wheelchair parts to keep your mobility device running by replacing worn-out parts like old tires and batteries.

Pride Mobility does not sell directly to end users. We build the devices and rely on a national network of trusted providers or dealers. These providers are authorized to sell our devices, parts and accessories. Pride Mobility dealers are also equipped to make repairs. You have the option to use a Pride dealer for repairs or purchase the parts to do your own work.

Find a Pride Mobility Dealer

Use our Find a Local Dealer page to search for local dealers by device type. Once you’ve found a dealer, give them a call or drop in. They can determine what parts you need. Dealers can then sell you the part or perform the repair. You can get the most hands-off repair by using a local provider. If you’re into tinkering, you can purchase the parts yourself.

Online Pride Mobility Dealers

At the bottom of the dealer page, is a list of approved online retailers. These websites sell mobility devices, accessories and replacement parts. We’ve picked three Pride dealers who sell parts online.

Mobility Scooters Direct is a south Florida-based dealer with an online shop and network of distribution centers and repair facilities. Mobility Scooters Direct has an extensive online catalog of Pride Mobility parts. They offer the standards like batteries and accessories, but also have replacement seats, electronic consoles and casters to name a few.

Top Mobility has a large Florida showroom and a well-inventoried website.Parts for sale on include off-board chargers, a full selection of mobility device wheels and batteries. Top Mobility also stocks more permanent parts like joystick controllers and battery chargers.

Marc’s Mobility started as a wheelchair store in 1995. Since then, the family-owned operation has expanded its product offerings. They have built a robust retail website that offers online exclusive prices. The Marc’s Mobility website has a range of batteries and chargers as well as different joystick counsels.

Replacement Parts for Pride Mobility Wheelchairs

As mentioned above, wear-and-tear may force you to replace some parts.

Batteries: Pride Mobility devices come standard with rechargeable battery units. Just like your phone, the battery life gets shorter with age. Our preferred dealers can get you an exact replacement or offer suggestions if that battery is unavailable.

Wheels: Pride Mobility devices come with different tires, based on the model. In general, the tires are either pneumatic, rubber tires filled with air or solid wheels, also called flat-free tires, that are solid or filled with foam. Pneumatic tires can be punctured while solid tires and casters may wear down over time.

Keys: Our keys are not specific to the individual device, so replacement is much easier than a car key. Some online retailers sell Pride Mobility keys. You can also order a new one at

Pride Mobility Resources

Pride Dealers, both online and in-store, are thoroughly trained to answer your questions. If you need additional information about Pride Mobility products, call our in-house customer service team at 800-800-4258.

For questions about your device, including troubleshooting, Pride Owner’s Manuals provide specifics on your device, including suggested maintenance. The manual has the information you need to replace a part like the diameter and material of a wheel as well as the battery specifications.

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