What is Mid-Wheel 6 Technology?

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Discover Pride Mobility’s Mid-Wheel 6 Technology

The world of power wheelchairs is vast. There are many options to serve innumerable needs. Imagine we’re in the showroom of a Pride Mobility provider. An associate asks what features are on your wishlist. When you explain that a stable, easy-to-maneuver device would fit your lifestyle, he stops you with a smile.

He directs you toward the many Jazzy models that are equipped with Mid-Wheel 6 Technology. You want stability? You’ve come to the right place! These power wheelchairs have six wheels. The middle drive wheels are the largest of the set. The front and rear wheels provide added stability, especially on uneven terrain.

You may be asking: doesn’t having six wheels give you six chances to feel bumps in the road?

That’s a very astute question. Luckily, Pride Mobility engineers addressed that issue with Active-Trac ATX Suspension. Together, ATX and Mid-Wheel 6 Technology team up for an exceptionally smooth ride.

The active front casters lift when climbing an obstacle and drop down when descending. From the rider’s perspective, there’s minimal jostling as you move purposefully over the threshold and into the house.

Once inside, Mid-Wheel 6 reveals its other shining feature: maneuverability. With its powerful drive wheel in the center, your Jazzy has a naturally tight turning radius. You’ll find the  joystick control to be intuitive and responsive as you glide around corners.

Let’s return to our imagined conversation at a Pride Mobility dealer. A need for stability and control brought you to models with Mid-Wheel 6 Technology and ATX Suspension. Your Pride dealer shows you five models to choose from, each with their own set of strengths.

Jazzy Models with Mid-Wheel 6 Technology

Jazzy is the leader in power wheelchairs. View the entire Jazzy series here.

Jazzy Evo 613 and Jazzy Evo 613Li

The sleek and stylish Jazzy Evo 613 is 22 inches wide. The slender frame is made even more impressive by its 22-inch turning radius.

The Jazzy EVO 613Li is the lithium-battery powered version of this model. The lithium battery makes the unit 55% lighter. It charges 25% faster and boasts a 300% increase in battery life cycle. The lithium battery can travel up to 21 miles on a single charge. The traditional battery averages 17.1 miles on a charge. Both versions of the Jazzy Evo 613 will keep you going all day.

Jazzy Select 6

The Jazzy Select 6 with optional power elevating seat adds sporty sophistication to the performance you expect from a Jazzy. Tight turns are nothing with the 21.87-inch turning radius.

You’ll be at ease even in your favorite corner market as you navigate the narrow aisles. The extra 4-inch lift from the optional power elevating seat brings another shelf into your reach.

Jazzy Air 2

Take elevation to the next level with the Jazzy Air 2. This model has an elevating chair that raises 12 inches in 11 seconds. Face-to-face conversations come at the push of a button. Even if you are driving with the seat elevated, the stability provided by Mid-Wheel 6 Technology and Active-Trac Suspension will keep you feeling safe and comfortable.

Jazzy 600 ES

The Jazzy 600 ES has a 20.5-inch turning radius, the tightest in the Jazzy line. Its 14-inch drive wheels and 6-inch OMNI-Casters adapt to any surface. The casters prevent wheel hang-ups and dutifully respond to changes in the environment. The Jazzy 600 ES has a 300-pound weight capacity and travels up to 17 miles per charge.

Jazzy 614 HD

If a heavy duty device is on your wishlist, then the Jazzy 614 HD may be your top choice. It has the tight turns and stability you demand with a 450-pound weight capacity. Cruise at a top speed of 4.5 mph on your 14-inch foam-filled wheels. Six-inch casters on the front and back add to the stability, especially if you encounter curbs or thresholds.

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  1. How can I get wider drive tires on my Jazzy EVO 613? I’m always getting stuck in my yard and driveway.


    1. Hi Sheila! Thank you for contacting us, we do not recommend getting your power chair wet in the elements. Please let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything else we can help with 🙂

  3. I have a friend that’s a wheelchair user but she says it’s to small, so can she get a wheelchair that fits.

  4. I just got an EVO 614. My owners manual shows on the chair diagrams tie downs on the 4 conners. However my chair doesn’t have these.

    My follow up with Spinlife indicated the do not offer

    So why are they in my owners manual but not on the wheel chair. I need to find some to tie down the chair while being transported.

    Thank you.

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