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Owning a Pride Mobility electric wheelchair comes with a lot of perks. There are the givens like a safe and comfortable ride, of course. But there are also tons of opportunities to personalize your experience.  We offer a wide array of electric wheelchair accessories for you to choose from as well!

It starts with our deep roster of electric wheelchairs.

The Jazzy family of power wheelchairs is as diverse as your kin. There’s the foldable Jazzy Passport for your sister Allie, who won’t let mobility challenges cancel her travel plans.

On the other end of the spectrum there are more robust models like the Jazzy Elite HD. Uncle Chuck won’t miss a task around the farm as he glides from chore to chore on 14-inch knobby tires.

Jazzy wheelchairs have adjustable components to personalize your ride. Depending on the model, you may be able to maneuver the armrests or footrests. You’ll be riding in comfort all day with limbs properly supported.

The final step is to upgrade your experience with electric wheelchair accessories. Lots of companies sell aftermarket accessories, but choosing Pride Mobility means your gear is designed to match the device, and that you’ll have customer support when using it.

Upgrade Your Leg rests

We offer three accessories that are designed to give your lower extremities some extra support.

Pride Mobility Swing-Away Leg rests deliver versatility and ease. These upgraded leg rests (available on select models)  swing out of the way while you get on or off the chair. That eliminates an extra obstacle while you transition to the toilet or bed. They can also allow you to pull up closer to a surface like a table or a desk.

Even our accessories are customizable. Swing-away leg rests are available with either a 7.25-inch by 6-inch footplate or 8.5-inch by 6-inch footplate. Once installed, you can position your new leg rests between 60 and 90 degrees. They are adjustable in 5-degree increments.

Elevating Leg rests  are designed for ultimate adjustability (available on select models). You can find your ideal position anywhere between 70 and 180 degrees. When dialed into 180 degrees, the leg rests are level with the seat, meaning your legs would be extended straight out. These leg rests also come with calf pads to offer additional support.

Heel Loops add an extra level of support, while keeping your foot in position. They prevent your foot from slipping off the back of the footrest. As you probably guessed, the straps are adjustable. The standard loops will accommodate Allie’s size 6 flats and Uncle Chuck’s size 14 boots. 

Pride Mobility Heel Loops are compatible with our standard leg rests as well as the elevating and swing-away models we talked about above.

Cell Phone Accessories

The one accessory we all seem to keep with us 24/7 is our cell phones. Pride Mobility offers two cell-phone related accessories that will keep your phone nearby and fully charged.

Give your phone a designated spot with a RAM X-Grip Cell Phone Holder. Secure your phone in the rubber-coated holder and go about your business.

The cell phone holder is between 2.25 inches and 4.25 inches tall, and between 1.88 inches and 3.25 inches wide. Those specs match up with most phones on the market today.

As we all know, a cell phone without a charge is just a paperweight. Stay connected with a XLR USB Charger. This universal charger works with most Apple and Android phones.

The XLR automatically turns off when the mobile device is fully charged. This preserves your wheelchair battery.

Maximize Mobility with Swing-Away Joystick

Our swing-away joystick allows you to personalize your control positioning. The mount can be placed on either side. It’s super easy to install and uses a strong magnet, not extra hardware.

Say over time one of your hands starts to fatigue. You can move the joystick to the side that has more dexterity. Once it’s on the armrest you can swing it to the spot that feels most comfortable.

This useful accessory also swings out of the way when you want to pull up to a desk or a table for your convenience.

Accessories to Help You Store More

Whether you’re going shopping or just like to travel with a lot of personal effects, a saddle bag gives you a place to put all your stuff. The neoprene saddlebag is available in two sizes: The small saddlebag is approximately 9.5 inches wide by 5.25 inches high and 5 inches deep. The large is approximately 11.75 inches wide by 8 inches high and 7 inches deep.

Let’s end with a specific storage item. Take your drink along for the ride with a cup holder. It easily attaches to either armrest.

Find a Pride Mobility Dealer

Our network of Pride Mobility Dealers are the experts on electric wheelchairs and their accessories. They can confirm that your wheelchair and accessory of choice are compatible and answer any questions you may have.

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