How do I pay for a Scooter, Lift chair, or Power Wheelchair and What is Care Credit?

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You’ve decided it’s time to look into a Pride Mobility scooter or power wheelchair. Aside from what model you’re going to get, you’re probably wondering about cost. There are many options when it comes to financing a Pride Mobility device. Medicare or your private insurance typically covers up to 80% of the device, if it is medically necessary. Contact your insurance provider to determine the specifics of your plan.

For those paying out of pocket, Pride Mobility dealers accept cash and credit cards, and there is another financing option: CareCredit.

What is CareCredit?

CareCredit is a credit card that allows you to pay for medical equipment and services over time. This is a health care specific line of credit that can be used to cover medical devices, your deductible or treatments not covered by insurance.

CareCredit can be used for a wide range of health and wellness purchases from dental care and gym memberships to weight loss surgery and sleep studies. Medical devices include Pride Mobility products as well as CPAP machines, mobility beds and stairlifts, among others.

CareCredit is owned by Synchrony, one of the largest providers of private label credit cards in the U.S. CareCredit is similar to private label retail store credit cards in that it can only be used for specific purchases. It is not part of the Mastercard and Visa networks that traditional credit and debit cards use.

The CareCredit card is currently accepted by more than 200,000 healthcare providers. To use CareCredit, first you’ll need a credit approval. There are also minimum monthly payments required. You may be eligible for special promotional financing options.

What Pride Mobility Products are Eligible for CareCredit?

In short, you can use your CareCredit card for any Pride Mobility devices or accessories you need. Peruse our Jazzy power wheelchair, power lift recliner and mobility scooter pages. We offer FDA Class II Medical Devices designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments as well as mobility devices that are not classified by the FDA. This distinction doesn’t matter for CareCredit, but it will affect Medicare or insurance approvals.

If approved for a CareCredit card, you can also use it for accessories. Customize your device with small upgrades that will make life a little easier. You can add a cup holder to your wheelchair or a cane holder to your scooter.

Replacement batteries and upgraded lithium-ion batteries can also be purchased with CareCredit. Lithium-ion batteries are available for some scooters and electric wheelchairs as well as all of our power lift recliners. There’s a reason lithium-ion batteries are becoming more popular: They charge faster, last longer and weigh less.

Lose your scooter key? No problem. Visit or a local Pride dealer. Replacement keys are pretty inexpensive — usually under $10. Still, you can use CareCredit to cover your new key.

What kind of interest will I pay?

Time for a quick disclaimer on credit.

Like any credit card, expect to pay double-digit interest unless you pay your balances down fast. CareCredit advertises no-interest periods of up to two years, but after that, the interest rate jumps to almost 27% APR. That’s potentially hundreds of dollars more you could wind up paying if the interest kicks in.

There are also potential impacts to your credit score when you use a credit card sparingly. Good credit maintenance practice suggests using a card at least once a year to keep it in good standing. Closing a credit card account can hurt your credit score. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has more information on applying for credit.

All that said — if you have the ability to pay down your balance within the promotion window, which sometimes can be as short as six months, and expect to use the card after you buy your mobility device, then CareCredit could be a good option to avoid paying full freight for your mobility device right out of the gate. 

Find a Pride Mobility Dealer

Pride Mobility providers are an outstanding resource, as well as the perfect place to purchase our devices and accessories. When you’re ready, visit our Find a Local Dealer page.

There, you can enter your ZIP code to find providers near you. Use the adjustable mileage box to find your closest options. To find dealers who offer CareCredit, select that option on the “Choose Type of Pride Dealer” dropdown.

The search results of providers include the provider name, address and phone number, as well as the product lines they offer.

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  1. We have a pride victory 3 wheeler very unhappy with the cheesy tpye of seat can a more durableseat be interchanged

  2. Hello I have a 4 wheel powered scooter and I need a lift for my car so I can travel alone can you please help me

  3. Hello I’m on medicaid still fighting for disability, I DNT work and haven’t for 3 years I’m 54 years old I’m a type 2 diabetic diabetes hyperglycemia melitus, I have severe nueropathy in both feet and legs excruciating pain constantly my Dr prescribed a electric scooter and the scooter place said I want disabled enough to have one, my Dr prescribed it, I can’t stand, walk, without being in horrible pain if I walk 30 minutes it’ll make my feet hurt so bad I want to cut them off for rest of day and next few days , I have carpel tunnel in both hands one hand is curled like a stroke patient, very weak I can barely lift myself up when needed, now they say they must come evaluate my home I live in a mobile home, I have to also be able to go to store and places I DNT own a vehicle, I only have my feet, and it kills me, I’m in Arizona, I DNT like people coming to my home let alone entering it, does a home visit really have to exist? Why do they get to say wether I need it one or not if my Dr did assessment tests and I qualified?

  4. My chair has been on backorder since October 2022. Now expected in April 2023. Go chair med. When will backlog end?

    1. Hi Wilma! We are so sorry to hear that please let us know who you are working with as far as a dealer goes and we will be more than happy to look into this for you. Please email me directly at: with your dealer, item ordered, and best contact information.

  5. i have humana hmo dual complete qmb health insurance.
    my doc has prescribed me a heavy duty pride 3 wheel mobility scooter.
    the local shop they referred me to in las vegas nv has it on order now for over 30days.
    they said its on backorder with your company for 3-4 months.
    why the long wait ???

  6. Hi am stage 4 COPD/EMPHYSEMA and I can’t walk 2 steps before I am out of breath so I am interested in a Moterized Scooter.

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