Workers’ Compensation

State laws vary on requirements for employers to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance on their employees, however it is usually based on the number of workers employed. This insurance is to cover expenses the employee might accumulate from any work-related injuries (the definition of work-related injuries varies by state). Private insurance carriers actually provide the insurance for employers. Assistive devices, equipment, and home modifications can all be paid under Workers’ Compensation under certain conditions.

Eligibility Requirements

Requirements vary by state, however, most states require the injured worker to notify the employer verbally and in writing within a certain time period. In some states, the employer has the right in the first instance to designate the medical provider that injured employees must use. Most states specify that to qualify for Workers’ Compensation insurance that the employee is injured in an accident while performing the job however check with your state’s requirements.

Application Process

Check with your employer for specific application requirements. Unless the accident is a life and death emergency and you must seek medical help to prevent death or serious damage to your health, you must usually first notify your employer or supervisor that you have been injured before obtaining any medical care. All injuries, no matter how small, should be reported to your employer.

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