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How many times have you heard the phrase, “How can I help you?” but felt like the voice on the other end didn’t seem to care very much about your problem? Fortunately, there are individuals at Pride that not only care, but listen and work with you to solve problems, all while maintaining a helpful and friendly attitude. We sat down with Kris, Manager, E-Commerce, Strategic Sales & Consumer Support, and Cynthia, Lead Consumer Sales Generation Representative, to learn more about what customer care really means.

Kris joined the Pride sales team about six years ago, following an eight-year stretch in the financial industry. Cynthia came on board as a Pride sales representative about three years ago, later moving into her current role. Together, Kris and Cynthia lead a robust sized team of individuals who work in the Consumer Services department, the face of Pride. Their mission? To educate and empower Pride’s customers to make decisions about their mobility, all while maintaining a helpful and friendly attitude. With every conversation, whether through email, phone or live chat, the goal of each representative is to help a consumer gain something of value, so they leave a conversation feeling more knowledgeable than before.

Kris attributes the success of the call center to the team’s synergy. Although working as a team can be challenging, regular meetings and open discussions are key. The team strives to streamline processes and uses feedback from consumers to meet Pride’s standard as the friendliest company in the industry.

 “There’s a great importance to interacting with customers who use our products daily,” Kris said. “We need to know who they are and whether we are meeting their needs.”

Customer care means loving what you do and taking your job seriously. The team understands how a single conversation can impact a customer. Whether they’re talking to the person who uses the product or a family member of a person with limited mobility, every question or comment is treated with care, speaking to every individual as a trusted member of the Pride family.

“We listen, we care, and we give consumers security, guiding them to make the best decisions about their mobility needs,” Cynthia said. “This is the best part about what we do.”

According to both Kris and Cynthia, the team doesn’t just work for Pride. They work for consumers, ensuring that their voices are heard. Although building trust is not easy, providing a valuable and positive experience by truly listening to the customer goes a long way. This is the gold standard for everyone in the call center, and both Kris and Cynthia have noticed improvements in the department.

The team also takes customer care one step further by sharing knowledge with consumers. When they finish helping someone register their product, the team asks the consumer if they know how to charge the batteries properly, encouraging good charging habits so that their power chair or scooter last a long time.

When it comes to technology, Cynthia and Kris agree that using multiple platforms comes in handy, providing different ways for people of all abilities to get in contact with Pride. For those who are busy or hard of hearing, live chat has proven to be an efficient and effective way to communicate with consumers who are looking for information. Still, they both say that speaking over the phone has been the best way to build relationships with consumers, because it provides a personalized, human element in a high-tech world.

While technology will play a role in the future of customer service, the customer service experience will also evolve. Kris and Cynthia believe that as technology further develops, the world will get smaller, yet the demand for meeting consumers’ needs will still be there. Customers will be smarter and more informed when calling. Kris and Cynthia believe that the human element of customer service will remain a necessity and that it’s essential to establish trust, provide friendly service and communicate effectively.

Do you have a question, comment or just need help? The team is waiting for your call!  Get in contact with a consumer services representative today!

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