Dating Tips for Seniors

Whether you’re looking for love, just feeling lonesome or want to meet some new people, dating is a great way to get out in the world and see what other people have to offer! The process of dating may seem overwhelming. If you’ve been married before or recently widowed, a lot may have changed. Online dating is extremely common nowadays. People use dating sites and dating apps to find people with similar interests. If online dating isn’t your speed, there’s always other ways to meet people, whether at church, local clubs, bars, and other places you’d least expect it! Check out our top tips for dating and what you can do to make the process easier for you.

Where to Meet People

Think about your interests and what things you’d want to share with a partner. Do you enjoy painting or art? Get involved with a local art club. Are you more active? Join a gym or check out an outdoors or hiking group. If spirituality is important to you, many churches have adult groups and bible studies which are a great place to meet likeminded individuals. If there isn’t a group already started in your area, why not take the first step and start one? Other great places to meet people include libraries, bird watching groups, museums, online dating sites, your local Lions club, the grocery store, and so many other places.

Embrace the Nerves

Let’s face it. Dating can be nerve wracking. The sooner you accept this, the easier it’ll be. Let yourself be nervous, take a few deep breaths and dive in! Chances are the person you are meeting is also incredibly nervous. Maybe to break the ice, you can talk about how nervous you both are! Another ice breaker? Talk about a bad date you once had!

When the Person you Meet isn’t Mr. or Mrs. Right

There’s always going to be a few bad dates. It’s the nature of the beast. If you use a wheelchair or scooter for mobility, your date may not be comfortable with this. It’s always good to be up front about your disability or limited mobility. Lay your cards on the table when it comes to your use of a mobility scooter or wheelchair. The other person will appreciate your candor. Sometimes, the date goes well but you or the other person don’t feel the spark. That’s okay. At the very least, you spent an evening out on the town and got the chance to fine tune your dating skills. Better yet, maybe you discover that you aren’t interested in the person romantically yet still enjoy his or her company. Making new friends is always a great thing as well!

Dating Safely

When you plan to meet someone in person after speaking with them online or over the phone, be sure to play it safe. Meet the person at a public place, like a restaurant, where there are lots of people. Don’t let them pick you up at your home. Tell a friend or family member what time you are meeting the person and where. Or, have a friend accompany you to the restaurant and sit at another table close by. If during the date you ever feel uncomfortable or unsafe, it’s okay to excuse yourself and leave. Always trust your gut.

When in Doubt…Double Date!

Group dates are an excellent way to take the pressure off an evening. The setting is more casual and laid back. Get a group of people together and go bowling or sign up for a trivia night at a local restaurant or bar.

Do What’s Right for You

If you’ve recently lost a spouse or life partner, you may ready to date or you may need more time. You may feel pressure to date from friends or family members. Only date if you want to! Remember, your comfort is most important. And if eventually you are ready to get back out there and date other people, then wonderful. And if not, that’s okay too.

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