International Dance Day

Start a dance revolution from your mobility scooter

Brush off your sprinkler!

No, it’s not time to water the lawn. It’s time to break out some beloved, accessible moves for International Dance Day.

(Oh, and keep reading for a dance tutorial that relies heavily on the goofy, arm-pumping move known as “the sprinkler.”)

Celebrities like Marisa Hamamoto of Infinite Flow Dance have helped to shift public opinions about inclusion in dance through her Los Angeles studio over the last few years.

And crews like the Rollettes, bursting with attitude and excitement, show just how much fun you can have dancing with a wheelchair.

But you don’t need an international social media audience or even a ton of skill to get groovy. You  just need a little courage, and some ideas for getting started.

We hope these easy-to-follow video tutorials for seated dancing help you with ideas. The courage part? That’s up to you.

Move With Color

Move With Color dance instructor Nathan Short has almost 140,000 YouTube subscribers of his straightforward dance tutorials. Most of his videos are for typically abled beginner dancers, but he has a ton of fun with a few seated videos. The moves are simple. Go get your groove on!

Try Tutting

Finger dancing – sometimes called “Tutting” because its rigid, angular movements kind of resemble Egyptian hieroglyphics – gained popularity in the ’90s. It’s pretty complicated, but if your grandkids use TikTok (don’t worry, we don’t understand it either), there’s a good chance they’re familiar with this tricky dancing that only requires the use of your arms and hands. Give it a shot! Then go show your grandkids. You might just be the next viral internet sensation.

‘Got this feeling in my body’

Finally, get moving with UK YouTuber Sit Down AJ and one of the greatest feel-good songs of this century, Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” Spoiler alert: AJ loves the sprinkler.

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