Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022

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If you haven’t picked out your Mother’s Day gift yet, don’t worry. You’ve still got time.

Not much, but you’ve still got time.

Just remember: It’s 2022, and gift giving has evolved into an art form. You can’t just get away with potted flowers anymore. You’ll need flowers and maybe candy, plus the gift and some quality time together to do it right.

So let’s cut to the chase and share some of the most thoughtful and even useful Mother’s Day gifts that will help you show how much you appreciate mom.

Apple AirTag

Even the most organized mom misplaces her wallet or keys once in a while. These little discs have more practical uses than you might think. Attach them to almost anything valuable like purses, wallets and keys.

AirTags use Apple’s vast network of users to help users keep track of their important devices.

When mom can’t find her AirTagged belongings, she simply pops open the app on her phone or computer to see where they are. If she uses an iPhone, she can use the Find My app to trigger the AirTag tone. When she’s close enough, the Find My app shows her which direction her valuables are located like a compass.

They even come with free engraving so you can send a personalized message (though perhaps not in time for Mother’s Day this year).

Find them at your local Apple Store or at You can also get them at bricks-and-mortar retailers like BestBuy if you’re really running out of time.

$30 for one or $99 for a four pack

iRide travel scooter

If mom has the same get-up-and-go mentality, but showing a little more difficulty with the “get up” part of that, it may be time for an iRide.

iRide provides one of the simplest, most easily transported mobility solutions for mom to use when on the go. People who use iRide still have most of their mobility, but need help from time to time. Perhaps they get fatigued a little easier during a busy day or want the option to cruise while everyone else walks.

Plus, they’re just fun to ride.

See a Pride dealer for pricing details

Retro Victrola Turntable

Every family’s got one. A collection of old LPs sitting in a closet or garage somewhere. The turntable broke an undetermined number of years ago, and the records are collecting dust in a closet somewhere.

Step 1: Throw out the old turntable (you may have to start by admitting you’re never actually going to fix it).

Step 2: Pick out an all-in-one turntable (we found this one had great ratings for sound quality and value).

Step 3: Dust off the old records and present the whole set to mom on Mother’s Day.

Then you can spend the rest of the day together with her favorite old songs playing in the background, the way she remembers them.

Victrola 8-in-one $149.98 with Amazon Prime

Jazzy Passport

Did you commit to spending more time with mom this year, exploring places she’s never been.

Jazzy Passport offers portable mobility and independence for the wheelchair user. So if mom typically uses a manual or even standard power wheelchair, surprise her with a folding Jazzy Passport. It’s lightweight, folds in a couple simple motions and easily stows just about anywhere.

She won’t leave home without it, and your whole family will have new adventures together to plan and get excited about.

See a Pride dealer for pricing details

Gravity Blanket

Gravity Blanket claims to make the original weighted blanket, which is all the craze right now in the world of gift-giving. Weighted blankets use what’s called “deep pressure stimulation,” which also happens when we get a good hug from someone we love.

Research shows weighted blankets help reduce anxiety and curb restlessness, encouraging sleep. They may alleviate chronic pain and soothe other ailments.

The same phenomenon works for dogs with high anxiety. A weighted blanket helps them stay calm during thunderstorms or fireworks.

And even if your mother doesn’t experience high anxiety or chronic pain, who wouldn’t want better sleep and the feeling of being hugged all the time?!

If mom has trouble breathing, have her check with her doctor first.

Weighted Blankets start at $249.99

MasterClass subscription

The subscription to insights from the world’s best and brightest comes at 35% for Mother’s Day. If mom’s always been the inquisitive type, a MasterClass subscription might really tickle her passion for learning.

She can learn about fiction writing from James Patterson, cooking from Gordon Ramsay or playing chess from Garry Kasparov, among a dozen other topics.

A subscription gives her access to all of them.

For Mother’s Day, MasterClass offers a 35% discount on its family package, which is valued at $23 per month and provides access to six devices. Discounted family account, $15 per month

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