What is a Yellow Pumpkin?

You see them everywhere: in stores, on porches, in person and on Instagram but do you know why we carve jack-o’-lanterns? Traditions come from history and pumpkin carving has some deep roots. Decorating and carving pumpkins started in Ireland where other types of root vegetables like turnips and potatoes were used by people to decorate. The jack-o’-lantern comes from a folktale telling the story of a man named Stingy Jack. You can read more about the story here.

Have You Seen a Yellow Pumpkin?

Trick-or-treating is a time-honored tradition for many families during the Halloween holiday. In order to trick-or-treat, you need something to carry your candy in. Containers range from pillowcases to plastic pumpkins. You may have seen teal pumpkins while trick-or-treating. They signify that the child or person carrying the teal pumpkin has a food allergy to be aware of. The Yellow Pumpkin Parade was started by a mother who lives upstate and created the project to bring awareness to children with disabilities. Lisa Slater’s son was denied candy when he wasn’t able to say trick-or-treat while visiting a home. You can learn more about the Yellow Pumpkin Parade by visiting this site.

What About Costumes?

Taking the holiday a step further toward inclusion, many retailers have created costume lines that are adaptive. In addition to purchasing an adaptive Halloween costume, there are many ideas that you can make yourself right at home.

What Else is There to Do?

During the fall there are so many activities that can be a great and inclusive time for the whole family, including baking, apple picking, hayrides and corn mazes. You can learn about these great activities here. As always, we recommend contacting the venue prior to visiting to ensure that their facilities are accessible.

Staying Safe

Perhaps the most important Halloween costume accessory is staying safe. It’s always a good idea to stay within neighborhoods you are familiar with. During the fall, it tends to get dark out earlier, so bringing something to light your way and keep you visible is always a great idea. Flashlights, LEDs and reflective gear can all be worked into a great costume!


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