How to Find the Serial Number on Your Pride Lift Chair and Other Devices

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There are several reasons you might need the serial number for your Pride Mobility device, ranging from the warranty to replacement keys. We’ll help you locate the serial number on the power lift recliner, scooter and power chair.

Find the Serial Number on a Power Lift Recliner

Bob and Cindy are moving into a smaller place and hired a crew to move all their belongings. After the movers have brought in the last box, they take stock of the piles of boxes and furniture still wrapped in plastic.

First things first, Bob starts to unwrap his power lift recliner when he realizes the USB remote somehow got smashed during the move.

He calls the nearest Pride Mobility dealer in his new neighborhood to see about getting a replacement, but first he grabs the serial number to make the process go as quickly as possible.

Pride’s Power lift recliners have the serial number and model number printed in two locations. The first is near the rear of the motor on the steel lift frame. The other location is attached to the wood frame below the scissor mechanism.

The serial number for a power lift chair will begin with an “L” and include 14 digits.

Find the Serial Number on a Mobility Scooter

Tara enjoyed a full day of zipping around on her Revo 2.0 4-Wheel. Somewhere between her last stop and home, the key went missing. Like her friends Bob and Cindy, Tara is an avid reader of this blog. She read on, found the serial number and ordered a new key.

The serial number is located on the seat post of Pride Mobility scooters. The white sticker with a 14 character number is tucked behind the battery unit. For most devices, including the Revo 2.0, simply pull out the battery pack to access the seat post and serial number.

Scooter serial numbers start with the letter “S”.

Find the Serial Number on a Power Chair

Finally, we come to Stan. He’s a happy camper, smoothly cruising on his Jazzy Elite ES. When his ride suddenly becomes uneven, Stan realizes he needs a new tire. When he contacts a Pride Mobility dealer they ask him for his serial number.

Stan references the paragraph below and has a new tire before he knows it.

The serial number is located on the main frame of all Pride Mobility power wheelchairs. To access it, you’ll need to lift the shroud. On many models, you’ll also need to move the battery to access the white sticker.

If you can’t find the serial number on the frame, some models have more than one sticker. It could be on the seat post or on the footplate.

Power chair serial numbers begin with the letter “J” and are 14 digits long.

Find a Pride Mobility Dealer

If you have any trouble finding your serial number, or have any other questions you can call our customer support line at 800-800-4258, Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST. Find a Pride Mobility Dealer for local expertise or to purchase Pride Mobility products.

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