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Achieve maximum comfort when you get to know your power recliner’s potential

So, you just brought home a new lift chair and love the power it gives you. You can now move easily from reclining to seated to standing positions independently, without help from anyone else.

A lift chair gives you the keys to unaided relaxation. You can settle in with a favorite book or to watch a movie in comfort, then rise again with the push of a button.

But depending on the model you chose, your chair may come with a variety of position settings that relieve pressure on muscles and joints, and help you achieve an even deeper level of comfort.

Before we get too far into what Pride Mobility models offer what position capabilities, let’s run through the different position names. Some of them may be a bit ambiguous.

Lifted, seated and reading

These positions are available in all Pride lift chairs, and they’re pretty self-explanatory. The lifted position stands you up and allows you to effortlessly sit down in or exit your chair. Seated is an upright seated position. The reading position gives you a gentle recline, around 45 degrees, with the footrest slightly extended. You could easily doze off in this position or watch TV in comfort.


There’s not too much difference between the relaxing and reading positions. With the footrest raised to a 95-degree angle, the relaxing position is more conducive to snoozing. The recline in the relaxing position rocks back a little further than the reading position.


We’re wandering deep into slumber territory with the napping position. The backrest drops further back and the knees elevate slightly, relieving some of the stress on your lower back, hips and pelvis.


Do not disturb. The sleeping position is 180 degrees, perfectly horizontal and your invitation to slip into deep sleep. Many people with limited mobility, who find climbing in and out of bed too difficult, often do all of their sleeping in a power recliner. The sleeping position lets them find their way to the ideal position for comfort, then stand up easily. It’s the best of both worlds!


Medical and scientific communities are mixed about whether spending time with your feet above your head actually improves circulation. We know this much: many of our clients reach a deeper level of comfort and relaxation when they can drop back and put their feet up. Depending on your specific health needs, it’s important to talk with your doctor before using this position to relax.

Zero gravity

For many people, zero gravity is the gold standard of relaxation. No, Pride Mobility lift chairs won’t make you weightless, but zero gravity might be the next best thing. Astronauts blasting off into space use the position because it reduces pressure on bones and joints. Your bottom drops and your knees elevate. You’ll find this position helps you sink deep into a relaxed posture for reading, watching TV or catching a few Zs.

Lift chairs and their positions

Now that we’ve defined the primary lift chair positions, hopefully, you’ve gotten a sense of what you might want from your own lift chair.

Pride Mobility offers four classes of power chair when it comes to the level of control you can enjoy. Some users may only want or need a 3-position or 2-position chair. Others want the full experience.

True Infinite-position lift chairs

Pride’s lineup of Zero Gravity Position Power Lift Recliners offers what we call the true infinite-position experience. These chairs all give you limitless position possibilities, including zero gravity. Some models to check out include:

Infinite-position chairs

Our most elegant lineup of power lift recliners fits in this category. Find exquisite faux leather, exclusive comfort features and elegant design in the:

Infinite-position chairs offer all of the position capabilities as true infinite-position chairs with one exception – they typically don’t have zero gravity.

3-position lift chairs

This is where some capabilities start to drop off. Like all lift chairs from Pride, 3-position lift chairs raise you to the standing position, but reclining positions don’t go back quite as far as infinite and true infinite-position chairs.

Models including those in the Heritage Collection and the Essential Collection still bring you back to a full recline, perfect for a cozy midday nap, but without the articulated headrest found in other more versatile styles.

2-position lift chairs

A 2-position power recliner comes with the most limited functionality and, as the name suggests, the ability to choose between only two seated positions – upright and reading, or reclined. That said, if you’re simply looking for a comfy place to read, watch TV or catch a quick nap, you should check out the Heritage Collection’s LC-385

We love our 2-position lift chairs just as much as the infinite-position chairs, and the LC-385 comes with a ton of great features including a broad palette of upholstery finishes and optional heat and massage functions.

A final thought

Before we sign off, we want to clear the air about 2-position and 3-position chairs. These industry descriptions might lead you to believe you’re locked between two or three fixed positions, for example perfectly upright or fully reclined. But that’s not the case.

Even with 2-position or 3-position chairs, you still have the power to find your sweet spot based on your body shape, mood and preference. For example, if your most comfortable position is somewhere between upright and half-reclined, you can stop there!

Power recliners give people independence to relax without relying on someone else to help them get in and out of their favorite chair. Apart from empowering people with limited mobility, they’re unbelievably comfy.

Find a Pride Mobility lift chair dealer near you today!

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