What is a footrest extension on a power lift recliner?

Grid image of portions of a brown power lift recliner. First image top left is the power headrest, second image top right is the back with a yellow pillow, third image bottom left is featuring the seat with the footrest extended out so you can see the footrest extension, fourth image is of the hand control.

What is a footrest extension on a power lift recliner?

You sit down and glide backward — upper body at 45 degrees, legs parallel to the ground — in your friend’s new power lift recliner. The chair is plush and comfortable. You marvel at how customizable the positioning is, as you adjust your lumbar and shoulders with the remote.

You look down at your feet, noticing how perfectly your feet are resting on an extension of the legrest.

“What’s up with that?” you ask your friend, nodding toward the three-inch foot extension.

“Just another little feature that makes that recliner so comfortable,” he says. “It feels like it was made just for me.”

In a way it was, as all Pride Mobility recliner chairs are made for a specific height range.

What is a footrest extension on a power lift recliner?

A footrest extension is an additional upholstered piece of the chair that sits just below the end of the footrest. It gives your feet extra support while your legs drape evenly on the legrest.

“That foot extender allows your heels to hang off the end of the main leg rest,” your friend explains. “That distributes the pressure across both calves.”

Again, you look down at your legs.

You scooch back in the chair, bringing your heels fully onto the footrest. You notice your weight has concentrated on your heels. It’s not painful, per se, but you see how it could get uncomfortable.

You settle back into a proper position with your feet just off the edge and your heels on that handy footrest extension. It doesn’t take long for you to drift off to sleep. Your silence is a strong endorsement for the comfort of reclining this way.

Why do power lift recliners have footrest extensions?

To maximize your comfort, your feet should rest just off the end of the footrest. Rather than leaving them hanging, the extension cradles your heels. This added level of support will extend your comfort — making a good night’s sleep in your recliner possible.

Do power lift recliners come in different sizes?

To get the maximum comfort from your Pride Mobility recliner, it’s important to get the right size. When seated with the legrest extended, your heels should hang just off the end.

Our range of recliners come in different sizes — with specific height ranges.

We’ve divided up our lift chairs based on size. Visit the links to learn about our small, medium and large recliner models.

What power lift recliners have foot extensions?

Footrest extensions are standard for our VivaLift! line of power lift recliners. The following list includes all chairs with footrest extensions in every available size unless otherwise noted.

Within the Infinity Collection, the small, medium and large chairs come standard with a three-inch footrest extension. The petite wide recliner chair, which has a height range below 5 feet 3 inches tall and a 375-pound weight capacity, does not have a footrest extension.

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  1. Yep, I have one. Unfortunately my footrest stopped working seven months ago & just yesterday stopped working again. I can’t afford $400 plus repair bills every seven months. I have $100 furniture store recliners that have given me less trouble.

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