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Power Lift Chairs Are for Everyone 

Whether you’re looking for increased mobility support at home or considering adding a new piece to your furniture collection, lift chairs might be right for you.  

Many people have preconceived notions about lift chairs, and while the lift chairs of the past might have been bulky or unstylish, we’ve entered a “golden age” of mobility innovations. Today’s power lift chairs are more aesthetically pleasing, compact and powerful than ever before.  

In this guide, we’re breaking down the basics of the power lift chair: what lift chairs are, who might need one and the benefits of adding one to your home. We’ll also explore product recommendations for lift chair shoppers so you can make the right choice for you.  

What Is a Power Lift Chair? 

A power lift chair is similar to a recliner or an upholstered rocking chair. However, lift chairs perform two crucial functions: they help people stand up from a sitting position and vice versa.1 

A typical lift chair might feature: 

  • A motorized mechanism (more on this below) 
  • Rocking functions 
  • Reclining functions, like adjustable: 
  • Footrests 
  • Headrests 
  • Armrests 
  • Backrests 
  • Additional luxury features, like: 
  • A heated seat 
  • Massage functions 
  • USB chargers 
  • Seat pockets 
  • Cupholders 

But the power life chair’s most important feature is the motorized lift. The motorized lift raises the seat of the chair up and angles the whole chair forward, providing additional support as the user moves to a standing position. 

They can also operate in reverse: while standing, a person can lean on the recliner as it slowly moves down into a sitting position. A power lift chair can be a game-changer for people with mobility challenges, giving them additional safety and freedom while relaxing at home.  

Who Might Need a Lift Chair? 

While anyone can use one, lift chairs are primarily designed for people with mobility challenges. You can use a power lift chair to: 

  • Stand from a seated position, or sit from a standing position 
  • Recline into a comfortable position while reading or watching TV 
  • Sleep comfortably 
  • Easily transition from the chair to another mobility device, like a: 
  • Walker 
  • Mobility scooter 
  • Manual or power wheelchair 

So, if you or a loved one live alone, a lift chair can provide additional freedom and safety. For instance, if you sit down in your chair and realize that you left your water cup or reading glasses in another room, a power lift chair makes it easy to safely and comfortably stand back up.  

Lift chairs are also excellent tools for people who are: 

  • Recovering from major surgeries 
  • Healing from major injuries 
  • Living with chronic pain 

What Are the Benefits of a Power Lift Chair? 

Some benefits of a power lift chair include: 

  • Enhanced mobility functions – While a traditional recliner might offer the comfort you’re looking for, it won’t make it easier to stand up or sit down. This is where lift chairs shine: they provide powerful, stable support for people with mobility challenges.  
  • Increased comfort – If you’re considering replacing a standard, straight-back upholstered chair with a power lift chair, you simply won’t believe how comfortable the latter can be. While each chair has its own slate of reclining functions, some chairs can lay completely flat or even stimulate the feeling of floating.2  
  • Luxury functionality – Instead of purchasing a separate heating pad, massage chair or side table, you could choose a lift chair that offers a heated seat, massage functions and storage options (like seat pockets or armrest storage). Some models even offer USB charging ports for added convenience.  
  • Ease of transition to another mobility device – If you or a loved one have trouble transitioning from the couch to a walker or wheelchair, a power lift chair could help ease the transition, reducing the pressure on your knees, hips and arms as you move to a separate device.  

Power Lift Chair Recommendations 

Among the nearly countless options on the market, some power lift chairs stand out from the competition with superior functionality, comfort and features: 

  • VivaLift! UltraThe VivaLift! Ultra is the cream of the crop in lift chair technology. Its combination of superior lift and tilt functions and luxury features (like heated cushions, gentle massage functions and infinite-position reclining) make it the perfect addition to any living space.  
  • VivaLift! Radiance – If you’re looking to melt away stress, the VivaLift! Radiance is for you. Featuring three heating pads (in the lumbar, shoulder and seat cushions), this power lift chair is one of the most comfortable on the market today. Hidden storage and cupholders, a USB charger and a wired ergonomic remote provide additional touches of luxury.  
  • LC105The LC105 lift chair combines sleek functionality with superior comfort. Offering three-position reclining, tilt and lift functionality and stylish fabrics, the LC105 is an excellent choice for users seeking simplicity.  

Pride Mobility: The Gold Standard in Mobility Products 

Despite what you may have heard, power lift chairs are truly for everyone. People with mobility challenges, temporary injuries and chronic pain (and people who use other mobility devices like wheelchairs or scooters) can all benefit from the functions and comfort a lift chair can provide.  

At Pride Mobility, we’re proud to offer a collection of power lift chairs that enhance everyday life, prioritize comfort and integrate today’s most innovative mobility technologies. Plus, our chairs are stylish: our space-efficient designs and attractive fabrics complement any suite of existing furniture.  

Try out a Pride Mobility power lift chair for yourself by finding a dealer near you.  

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