Power Lift Recliner Accessories

grid style accessories for a lift chair head pillow, heat and massage, cleaning kit, leg levelers, first up technology, wireless remote, and lumbar pillow

Power Lift Recliner Accessories

Pride Mobility Power Lift Recliners provide serious performance and functionality. At the same time, our line of lift recliners are stylish and fashionable. As America’s No. 1 lift recliner brand, we strive to deliver products that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our lift chairs are FDA Class II medical devices, which help people with limited mobility. The chairs allow people with different levels of mobility to safely sit, recline and stand. The most advanced models move from a lay-flat position to the standing position, while all models include at least TV recline and seated positions

A Pride Mobility Provider can assess your needs and direct you toward the right power lift recliner. For further customization, Pride offers accessories. These range from major upgrades like First Up Technology to simple comforts like a pillow to match the chair.

Let’s take a closer look at power lift recliner accessories.

First Up Technology

First Up Technology increases lift speed by as much as 50% compared to conventional lift chairs. First Up isn’t just about getting up quickly; the technology provides a quiet and smooth transition to standing. The name indicates that with it, you’ll be the first to stand up. It’s also the first of its kind in the industry. Pride Mobility is the pioneer in this patent-pending technology.

See how the technology outperforms a comparable chair without First Up in this video. Both recliners rise smoothly and safely. One just does it in half the time.

First Up is available on Heritage Collection power lift chairs, with the exception of the XL and XXL models.                    

Heat and Massage

You turn to your recliner to rest and relax. What’s more relaxing than a heated massage? Several Pride Mobility lift recliners have the option to add heat and massage. The massage and heat features are controlled by the chair’s remote.

Models compatible with the heat and massage upgrade include:

Wireless Remote

Pride lift Recliners all operate with a wired remote that controls the positioning. The available wireless remote takes convenience and practicality up a notch. The chair can be operated from anywhere within 25 feet. Caregivers can now change your position from across the room.

For peace of mind, you can wear the wireless remote around your neck on a retractable lanyard. Never worry about misplacing it, or being caught without it when you need it. The wireless remote also has a safety feature that protects against accidental button pushes.


Comfort is always top of mind when picking out a recliner. Our range of lift recliners are undoubtedly comfy, but we also have extra support. Our head pillow and lumbar pillow will turn your already-cozy chair into a throne of relaxation.

The plush pillows are equally supportive and comfortable, and you can order your pillows to match your recliner’s upholstery fabric. The headrest pillow is perfect for reading or watching TV. The rolled lumbar pillow provides soothing support to help ease an achy lower back. Both pillows are detachable and simple to reposition.

Leg Levelers

Sometimes the floors in our homes are a little uneven. Rather than enduring a slight slant while sitting in your lift recliner, get yourself a four-pack of non-skid leg levelers. The threaded feet screw into the matching holes on the bottom of your power lift recliner. The feet adjust, giving your chair the desired stability. As an added bonus, the levelers have non-skid pads that stay safely in place when operating the lift chair.

Cleaning Kit

Spills and stains are part of any furniture’s journey. Help preserve your Pride power lift chair with this Crypton Cleaning Kit. The kit includes stain removing solutions, a gentle disinfectant and a brush. Blot out those pesky stains as soon as they happen to keep your lift recliner looking new.

Find a Pride Mobility Dealer

The accessories listed above are all available at our Pride Mobility providers across the country. Find a Pride Mobility Dealer.

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