Can My Mobility Scooter Get Wet?

You’re out shopping and enjoying the weather on a nice day but suddenly the clouds roll in, raining on your parade. No matter how often you check the weather, it is still both unpredictable and uncontrollable. Sometimes you can’t cancel or reschedule your plans for the day. While planning can be helpful, it won’t always stop inclement weather from ruining everything in a matter of seconds. Even once the storm passes, traces of it get left behind such as large puddles or piles of snow in the roads or on the sidewalks, which can still pose a problem for your scooter.

By understanding how water affects electric scooters, you will be able to decide what actions to take following contact with water. This knowledge will help you best preserve the life and performance of your motorized scooter.

What to do if your mobility scooter gets wet

When faced with sudden changes in precipitation, there are a few things you can do. Depending on the severity and heaviness of the rain or snow, we recommend finding shelter until the storm passes. As you seek shelter or go out after the storm, try to avoid large puddles. Your mobility scooter is equipped with electronics, and direct or prolonged exposure to water or dampness may cause a motorized scooter to malfunction electronically and mechanically. Water can cause the electrical components to corrode and the frame of your electric wheelchair to rust.

That being said, if your mobility scooter encounters water:

  1. Thoroughly dry your electric scooter with a towel as soon as possible; Wipe down all surfaces of the scooter
  2. Allow your motorized scooter to sit in a warm, dry place for 12 hours to allow unseen water to evaporate
  3. Check the operation of the tiller and the brakes before using your electric scooter again
  4. If you find any inconsistencies, take your mobility scooter to your provider

Checking your mobility scooter for water damage

We recommend that you periodically examine your electric scooter for signs of corrosion caused by water exposure or incontinence. Any damaged components should be replaced or treated immediately.  Do this by contacting your authorized provider for service. If you do not know who your authorized Pride provider is, call our Consumer Services department with your serial number onhand and we would be glad to assist you in telling you who your provider is. If you are not sure where your mobility scooter’s serial number is located or what it looks like, check out our FAQ page. You will learn both where you can locate the serial number and how to find it.

Tips for keeping your mobility scooter safe from water damage

There are some other things you can do to further protect your electric scooter. Some consumers carry plastic bags with them. When a sudden shower hits, they cover their tiller with the plastic bag to protect it from the rain or snow. You may consider checking out our weather covers for scooters.  This one-piece cover shields your mobility device from outside elements. It is available in an array of sizes for electric scooters and is made from durable vinyl to protect the electronics on your scooter and keeps the seat clean and dry. By understanding the effects of moisture and taking steps to reduce exposure, you ensure that your mobility scooter remains in peak condition for optimal performance.

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