Mobility Scooter Winter Storage Tips

Fear of traveling with your mobility device is real and valid. Sometimes they aren’t handled with care and get broken during a flight. Sometimes accidents happen, leaving wheelchair and mobility scooter users stranded without a way to get around. For this reason and others, snowbirds who use a mobility scooter don’t always want to bring it along with them. Here are some mobility scooter winter storage tips.

One option they choose is renting a mobility scooter when they travel. Another is choosing to buy an electric scooter when they get to their second home. If you are planning to travel south for the winter and you aren’t traveling with your motorized scooter, follow these storage tips to ensure that your scooter is in good condition when you return.

Tip 1. Getting Your Mobility Scooter Ready for Storage

There’s more to storing your mobility scooter than sticking it in your garage. Preparation is key for storing your electric scooter and maintaining its integrity. The first step in storing your scooter is making sure that the batteries are fully charged. 

Tip 2. Where to Store Your Electric Scooter

The ideal environment for your electric scooter’s batteries is a climate above 32 degrees. This helps prevent the scooter batteries from freezing. You should also ensure that they are disconnected from the device to help slow down the rate of discharge.

Tip 3. Motorized Scooter Maintenance

How often you need to charge the batteries of your mobility scooter is determined by how often you use it. We recommend charging the batteries 8-14 hours twice a week for a maintenance charge if you don’t use your product frequently. If you are away for a long period of time, we recommend asking someone you trust to charge the batteries once every 2-3 weeks. We do not recommend charging the batteries for longer than 14 hours. This designated person can refer to the manual supplied with the battery charger for charging instructions.

Tip 4. Getting Your Mobility Scooter Ready for Use

Make sure that the batteries are charged before using your mobility scooter again. If the batteries were stored in an environment below 32 degrees for an extended period, they need to be brought into a warmer environment for a day before charging to prevent any damage.

If you rather travel with your electric scooter, we have some tips for traveling safely with your motorized scooter.

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  1. love my mobility scooter ! but why can’t I buy the accessaries on line? Instead of having to go to a dealer

  2. I just got my scooter and misplace the manual,, I unable to take a part the schoot to put in the car, can anyone help out?

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