When and how to get your mobility scooter serviced?

How to make sure your mobility scooter keeps running smoothly

You slide into the seat of your Pride Mobility scooter, ready to take on the day. Your device starts without a hitch, and the wheels glide along the ground. Everything from tiller to tires is working perfectly. Maintain your mobility scooter and it will keep getting you where you need to go.

There are some regular checks you can do to keep your device riding smoothly. We strongly encourage annual service from an authorized Pride Mobility provider. Regular maintenance is especially important if you use your scooter daily.

Routine care for mobility scooters

Get familiar with your mobility scooter. It will help you catch any little issues that could grow into big ones. Keep a routine of these checks and your scooter will perform at its best.

If you’re concerned by anything you see, it may be time to turn to the professionals. An authorized Pride Mobility dealer can make repairs safely and correctly. We’ll share how to contact a provider in a bit.

Daily checks 

Before you get on your power scooter, give it a once-over.

  • With the power turned off, check the throttle. Make sure it is not bent or damaged and that it returns to the neutral position when you release it.
  • Visually inspect the tiller cable. Make sure that it is not frayed, cut or has any wires exposed.
  • Check for flat spots on solid tires. Flat spots could adversely affect stability. 
  • Inspect the armrests for loose hardware, stress points or damage.

Check the brakes

To check your brakes, do the following test on a level surface. Give yourself at least three feet of clearance around your scooter.

  • Turn on the power and turn down the speed level of your scooter.
  • After one second, check the battery condition meter. Make sure that it remains on.
  • Slowly pull the throttle forward until you hear the electric brakes click. Immediately release the throttle. You must be able to hear the electrical brake operating within a few seconds of throttle movement. Repeat this test by pulling the throttle in the opposite direction.

Weekly Checks

On a weekly basis, conduct these visual checks.

  • Inspect the controller and charger connectors for corrosion.
  • If you have pneumatic tires, check for proper tire inflation. If your tire doesn’t hold air, it likely needs to be replaced. A Pride Mobility provider can replace tires or you can replace your own tires — if you’re so inclined — by following the instructions in the owner’s manual.
  • Check battery terminal connections. Make certain that the terminal connections remain tight and are not corroded.
  • Regularly check all wiring connections
  • Check all wiring insulation, including the charger power cord, for wear or damage. 

Monthly Checks

Once a month, we recommend these quick inspections. 

  • Check the anti-tip wheels for extreme wear.
  • Ensure anti-tips do not rub the ground when you operate the scooter.
  • Keep your mobility scooter clean to avoid scratches or damage.

When to get your mobility scooter serviced?

Even with diligent upkeep, you’ll need to make repairs and get service on your scooter. The best way to manage routine problems, like a flat spot on a tire or wonky wire connections is to get them taken care of as quickly as possible. These little things can snowball. Contact your preferred Pride Mobility dealer to schedule a repair.

It’s also important to bring your mobility scooter in for a service checkup with a trained technician once a year.

How to get your mobility scooter serviced?

You may have a relationship with a Pride Mobility dealer already, possibly the provider who sold you your scooter. This is great. Give them a call to schedule routine repairs and yearly maintenance.

You can also find an authorized provider with our dealer locator. Simply type your zip code into the search bar. Toggle to “Mobility Scooters” on the second line and click “Click Here to Find Nearest Dealer.” Then review the list of local dealers with their addresses and phone numbers.

Schedule your service and keep riding.

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14 thoughts on “When and how to get your mobility scooter serviced?

  1. How will I know if the unit is charging when I have plugged into the wall receptacle?
    How will I know when the scooter battery is fully charged?
    My questions relate to a 4 wheel Pride GOGO scooter.
    Thank you for your attention to my concerns.

    1. Hi CL! You should have a battery indicator on the scooter that will show you the levels of charge you are obtaining. Please let us know if you’d like a copy of the owner’s manual. When the LEDs are Green you should be fully charged. Usually between 8-14 hours.

  2. my four year old pride mobility is no longer fully chargIng it stops charging at the yellow-red spot and the green light is always blinking.

  3. My scooter only functions on slow what can I do to get it working to run on all speeds?

  4. Hi. My scooter’ wheel or axle makes a noise as it moves along. Wondering if the bearings, axle or transmission needs greasing or gear oil. If so where would one perform this maintenances? It’ a 4 wheel DX 3~4 Ruote

  5. My scooter even when fully charged, goes slow. Even if I turn the knob all the way, still moves slow..

  6. I have a mobility scooter that I only use once a year when my dad visits. It works fine but every time we hit a bump it stops and won’t start. I jiggle the key a few times and eventually we’re back up and running. Seems like a loose connection somewhere. What should I check?

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