Are Mobility Scooters Covered by Insurance?

One of the biggest questions you may have is “how do I pay for a mobility scooter?” You are not alone. Thousands of people who are taking their first step toward increased mobility share the same concerns. We hope to make it a little easier to weigh your options by providing you with additional information on the topic: are mobility scooters covered by insurance?

Medicare and Medicaid

What exactly is Medicare? Medicare is a federal health insurance program meant for individuals who are 65 or older or people that have certain disabilities

There are several parts of Medicare, and specifically Medicare Part B can potentially cover medical supplies. Medical supplies can also be defined as power wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Depending on your diagnosis and a  examination by your physician, your mobility device may be covered/partially covered by your insurance.

Private Insurance

Outside of federal insurance plans exist what are known as private insurance plans. These are plans that are offered by employers or purchased through other means. At times, these plans may also potentially cover a portion of the cost of your mobility device. The best way to verify your coverage is to contact your private healthcare plan directly.


If insurance is not an option self-funding is always an avenue you can explore for gaining increased mobility. Starting a fundraiser within your local community or even checking out online fundraising applications like Go Fund Me Crowdcube, and IndiGogo, to name a few.

Which Scooters are Covered by Insurance?

So, which scooters may be funded through insurance? Here are a few from Pride Mobility that are officially coded ( or code verified). Please note that scooters reimbursed by insurance depend on your  medical need and type of insurance coverage:

  • Go Go® ES 2 – lightweight portable scooter that comes with a front basket.
  • Go Go Elite Traveller® – one of our most versatile scooters that easily disassembles in just a few steps.
  • Go Go Elite Traveller® Plus – perhaps one of our most versatile travel scooters, featuring a delta tiller with ergonomic wraparound handles for optimal driving comfort.
  • Go Go® Sport – travel the country with a mobility scooter that can fit into most car trunks!
  • Victory® 9 – Enjoy on-the-go style with a scooter that boasts a comfortable black vinyl seat that swivels.
  • Victory® 10 –One of our most feature-rich scooters, complete with an LED light to show you the way.

You can also view an entire lineup of scooters by opening this end-to-end brochure. There will be a row detailing what billing code is associated with each scooter (if applicable).

If you have any additional questions regarding coverage or your options, we recommend speaking with your insurance provider. If you have any questions regarding Pride Mobility®, feel free to leave us a comment, give us a call at 1-800-800-4258 or chat with one of our friendly representatives by visiting and clicking on the little blue chat icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

*Please note that this article is only intended to be a resource, we recommend speaking directly with your insurance and healthcare providers for information pertaining to exact coverage/etc.

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  1. I have been suffering from a mobility problem with the loss of oxygen to my legs. My doctor as well as my home health care nurses and doctor has issued my prescription order and they said they put all my problems in report and Medicaid keeps denying me. In the meantime I am bedridden because I have copd and I am out of breath trying to walk past my living room . I have missed all my appointments because I can’t walk. How do I get help from any other insurance providers?

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