What Accessories Can I Get on My Scooter?

Your scooter is like an extension of yourself. Since it goes with you everywhere, you will want it to reflect you and who you are. Pride Mobility offers over 20 accessory options that you can get on your mobility scooter. With our wide range of accessories, you can personalize your scooter to make it unique while meeting your needs.

For the Techies

Anyone who likes to be connected to technology at all times will benefit from our XLR USB Charger that allows you to keep your cell phone charged when you’re on the go. Some of its best features include charging detection, which switches it off automatically once your device is finished charging and a convenient lanyard, so you can keep it with you.

Once you charge your cell phone, you will need a place to put it. We recommend the RAM® X-Grip® Cell Phone Holder, which allows you to keep your phone in sight with easy access while you drive.

For the Veterans

We offer six different military patches for our proud veterans. You have the choice between a patch for each one of our military branches: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy, as well as a Purple Heart military patch. Ride your Pride scooter and proudly display one of our military patches.

For Those with Specific Needs

For scooter users who also use other mobility aids, we offer accessories that allow you to bring them with you. You can check out our single cane/crutch holder and double cane/crutch holder, cane clip attachment, oxygen holder, walker holder and wishbone crutch holder. No more worrying how you will carry any of your necessary mobility aids or medical equipment with you, as you ride with these convenient accessories. If you take your scooter when you are shopping around town, we have several storage options! Our front and rear baskets provide ample storage space, so that you can shop independently at your leisure. Place all your items into the basket without having to worry about where to put them. If you prefer smaller storage space, just for a couple of small items, we recommend our Pride saddlebag.

It is important for your health to stay hydrated. With our cup holder, you can bring your beverage of choice with you on the road or around the house, without the hassle of having to carry it everywhere while you drive.

For the Safety-Conscious

Your safety is important to us. That is why we have a few accessory options that you can add to your scooter for greater visibility. With the orange safety flag that will fly high above your head, you will able to be seen by others. If your concern is to be able to see others as you ride, check out our rearview mirror, which will give you the opportunity to see who is behind you, as you navigate.

Another safety feature we offer is our lap belt, which will help keep you safely in your scooter seat as you go through your day.

Other Accessories

We offer a variety of other accessories that are useful to people of all lifestyles, including our weather cover, so that you can store and protect your unit when it isn’t in use, our weather breaker, which keeps you clean and dry as you ride, and our 12 amp and 18 amp battery packs, for added mileage. It is important to know that not all accessories are compatible with all models of scooters. To learn more about what accessory options you can get on your scooter, visit our Scooter Accessories page. If you are interested in purchasing an accessory or two for your scooter, you can find a local dealer near you! Just click on the Buy Online/Find Dealer button at the top of the website and type your zip code into the search box.

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  1. I need information about a carrier for a Pride Scooter of the Victory Series. I saw a nice one that had a power lift that raised from the ground by an electric motor and once it was loaded, locked with a key. I would like to see a picture of it and have a price quoted. I also need to know that cost of the cover.

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