Introducing the Jazzy® EVO 613 – The Group 2 Chair Has Been Reinvented

Robin's Egg Blue power wheelchair base with a black seat with white stitching on top, jazzy evo

It’s an exciting, new design that is loaded with new features that we believe providers and consumers are going to love!

  • Lithium enabled featuring 25% less charging time and 25% more range (on Jazzy® EVO 613Li)
  • Unlike traditional SLA batteries, the Jazzy EVO 613Li’s lithium iron phosphate battery maintains maximum speed throughout the entire discharge cycle   
  • 3-inch ground clearance
  • Maximum speed up to 5.1 miles per hour
  • 13-inch mid-wheel drive tires
  • Narrow base width of only 22 inches
  • Removable matte-finish color-through shrouds
  • Access to the controller and batteries without the user needing to exit the chair
  • Depth-adjustable, limited recline, memory foam single seat post allows the user to swivel
  • Pride’s patented Active-Trac® (ATX) Suspension
  • Mid-Wheel 6® Technology

Both the Jazzy EVO 613 and Jazzy EVO 613Li models share many of the same features including mid-wheel drive, a 300-pound weight capacity, a new captain’s seat, 13-inch drive tires with a turning radius of 22 inches, Active Trac® Suspension and multiple matte color-through shroud options. In addition, both units are Medicare reimbursable as codes K0822 and K0823.

The Jazzy EVO 613Li delivers a 25 percent faster charging time, is 55 percent lighter and smaller and has a 300 percent longer battery life cycle than other Jazzys. The Jazzy EVO 613Li comes with one lithium iron phosphate battery, providing up to 21 miles per charge.

The Jazzy EVO 613 is the same visually as the Jazzy EVO 613Li, but it has two U1 sealed lead acid batteries instead of one lithium iron phosphate battery.

“The Jazzy EVO 613 series of power wheelchairs represent a philosophy we share here at Pride Mobility,” said Adam Fuller, Director of Pride Research and Development. “We believe the pursuit of progress is a way of life. If you’re not constantly improving, ever innovating and pushing boundaries, you might as well fall behind.”

Renae Storie, Vice President of Pride Mobility, says with so many innovative features, customers will enjoy all that the Jazzy EVO 613 Series has to offer.

“The Jazzy EVO 613 series provides the freedom to navigate small spaces and tight corners indoors with a narrow base width of only 22 inches,” Storie said. “Available with new and stylish high-back memory foam seating that swivels, Pride’s Active-Trac Suspension and reaching maximum speeds up to 5.1 miles per hour, consumers can enjoy greater access and a smoother, more comfortable ride than ever before.”

For more information on the Jazzy EVO 613 series, visit

*The Jazzy EVO 613 and the Jazzy EVO 613Li are FDA Class II Medical Devices.

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