The New Go Go® Endurance Li: Lithium-Ion Meets Portability

Beauty shot Grey Go Go Endurance Li Mobility Scooter

We’re excited to expand our travel mobility lineup with the new Go Go® Endurance Li*. What sets the Endurance Li apart from other scooters is the incorporation of lithium-ion batteries. The standard lithium-ion battery is an airline-approved** 8Ah battery pack. Customers can also purchase a 16Ah MAXX lithium battery to enjoy greater range per charge.

Why lithium-ion is an outstanding choice versus sealed lead acid:

  • 60 percent lighter
  • 31 percent longer range and maintains speed throughout the discharge cycle
  • 140 percent faster charging
  • Fewer service calls: Lithium-ion can be topped off and short charged without impacting the useful life of the battery
  • 2-year warranty

The Endurance Li comes with two standard compact, foldable seat options: 17”x17” and 20”x18”. Also standard with each unit is a set of Garnet Red (matte) and Euro Grey shrouds, a weight capacity of 325 pounds, front and rear Comfort-Trac Suspension, a wraparound delta tiller, an LED headlight and Pride’s feather touch disassembly.

“The Endurance Li batteries have exceptional range, sustained performance, and since these batteries are super lightweight, disassembly and reassembly are a breeze,” said Adam Fuller, Director of Pride Research and Development. “The 8Ah battery box is 8 pounds, which is less than a gallon of milk, while the MAXX Li-battery box is a very manageable 12 pounds with a 14.4-mile range.”

Renae Storie, Vice President of Pride Mobility, says that traveling is easier than ever with the Go Go Endurance Li.

“The Go Go Endurance Li’s portable, lightweight design makes it easy to take anywhere,” Storie said. “The lithium-ion battery provides enough range to get through an entire day of sightseeing. When the battery does need to be charged, it charges 140 percent faster. Whether exploring Europe, discovering trails at a park or shopping, the Endurance Li is up to the task.”

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*The Go Go Endurance Li is an FDA Class II Medical Device.

**Transport of this item on commercial aircraft is subject to federal regulations and airline policy. Consumers should consult their airline prior to their flight to ensure the Go Go Endurance Li and its lithium-ion battery are permitted.

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  1. How can I get a lomger range with my Raptor by changing to Li natteries? How much more can I get? I have already put over 300 miles on my Raptor and hope to get a lot more out of it.


  2. Has Pride thought about the new Million Mile Battery yet? Now that would be a much greater upgrade to reliability and range and faster charging and much longer life.



  4. How wide are the Endurance and the traveler Plus ??? I have to know exactly because it has to go through a small door !!!!!!

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