Doug Jones: Maximizing His Mobility

Doug Jones knows firsthand that life with mobility is much more enjoyable. As a lower-leg amputee for more than 50 years, he is thankful for his Pride® Maxima motorized scooter that gives him greater independence and freedom.

At 21, Doug lost his lower left leg during a work-related incident. He taught high school science for 30 years with the help of a prothesis, then worked another 15 years in the renewable energy industry, developing utility scale wind farms. Age and arthritis, however, began to slow Doug down.

“I went to fewer and fewer places and became a homebody,” said Doug. “A trip to Lowe’s or Home Depot became more of a challenge.”

Once Doug got his electric scooter, his whole life changed. He and his wife split their time between Davenport, Iowa, and Charleston, South Carolina, so he enjoys activities in both places. With his Maxima, walks with his wife and his dog became much easier and enjoyable, although Doug admits his dog has other ideas about walking.

“He prefers to ride the scooter,” Doug said.

Regaining his independence means everything to Doug. Thanks to his Maxima power scooter, he can spend an hour at the hardware store looking at everything. Plus, trips to the grocery store are fun again.

“I only wish I had purchased my electric scooter sooner. It has changed my life!” Doug said.

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