Flossy F. – Traveling the World by Go Go

Flossy F. was exploring the sights in Williamsburg, Va., when she had an idea.

Although Flossy loved her Go Go® Travel Mobility Scooter, she realized the cobblestone streets in the colonial town made things a bit bumpy. Flossy approached Pride® Mobility Products and challenged the company to create a Go Go with a smoother ride.

Thanks to Flossy, the Go Go LX with CTS Suspension was born. Flossy now uses this Go Go model to help her explore the globe.

“My passion is traveling,” Flossy said. “There is no way I can travel and enjoy it without my Go Go because I can’t stand to be a burden on anyone. My Go Go allows me freedom and independence.”

Flossy, now retired, was formerly a teacher and a guidance counselor in the Lake-Lehman School District. She founded the girls’ softball program in the district and coached the team for 25 years. Flossy also coached a girls’ softball travel team in the 1980s, which won a national championship.

Flossy travels often and has been to many places including France, Ireland, Germany, England, Italy, Greece, Spain, Canada and much of the United States including Alaska and Hawaii.

“I also have fun with my Go Go,” Flossy said. “My friends sometimes joke that I am going to get caught by the police for speeding, which I think is funny. I also act as the scout to see if a restaurant up the road is a good one. I see my Go Go as a way for me to continue to enjoy traveling.”

When Flossy is not coaching softball or traveling, she likes to volunteer for Community Cares for Kids, a non-profit group she helped to initiate that performs corrective plastic surgery and surface tumor removal on underprivileged residents in Ecuador.

“Although I have never gone on the trips to Ecuador, I assist the organization behind-the-scenes from transporting patients to fundraising,” Flossy said. “It makes me feel good knowing that my efforts are aiding other people. I especially like hearing stories of all the children who benefit from surgery.”

Flossy knows that wherever she decides to travel in the future, her Go Go LX with CTS Suspension will allow her to enjoy her vacations to the fullest.

“From the Grand Canyon to Hong Kong, my Go Go lets me see the world,” Flossy said. “I’m going to keep traveling for as long as I can, and I hope my Go Go and I have many miles ahead of us.”

*FDA Class II Medical Device
Pride FDA Class II Medical Devices Are designed to aid individuals with mobility

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