Gloria Woodard: Turning Heads with her Scooter

If you ask Gloria Woodard about her Pride Pursuit XL mobility scooter, she will describe it as her “little sports car.”

When she could no longer drive a vehicle, Gloria’s son purchased the Pursuit XL mobility scooter for her to use. At 82 years old, Gloria is extremely active with the help of her scooter. She resides in St. John’s County, Florida, where she participates in water aerobics for two hours a day, five days a week. She also shops at a nearby Publix grocery store to get what she needs to prepare a weekly Sunday dinner for her family.

“My Pursuit scooter gives me freedom. Sometimes, I just ride around and enjoy the beauty of the sky and earth,” Gloria said.

Gloria’s electric scooter is a real head-turner. Every time she rides, people stop and admire it.

“It captures the attention and receives admiring remarks from young and old and in between,” Gloria said.

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    1. We’re so happy you are enjoying your Pursuit XL and we hope it serves you for many great years to come! Thank you for being a valued Pride Mobility Products customer!

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