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What is visual merchandising? Simply, it’s the practice in the retail industry of arranging a showroom to highlight products and services most optimally to visitors in the store. If done effectively, a potential customer will become more engaged and more motivated toward making a purchase.

No matter the product being sold, a sharp presentation on a showroom floor can go a long way toward attracting new and frequent customers. That includes stores that offer Pride® Mobility electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and power lift recliners. With that, here are some tips to keep in mind when arranging a showroom to get the most out of your business’s potential.

Customize Your Store Layout

Depending on the size of your store, you may have several options as to the layout of the showroom. One source lists six types of layouts that each have their unique advantages. One of these could be right for your store, depending on your strategy and how much space you have with which to work.

Other factors to consider when choosing a layout is volume of product, how you prefer to showcase your merchandise, and traffic flow.

The Front of Your Store is Important

This may seem like common sense, but it bears mentioning. It’s a common strategy to place the newest and most visually striking items in the spotlight, which in this case means right at the front.

While a potential customer may not purchase a new electric wheelchair or mobility scooter, they’re more likely to be drawn into the store to explore further if something catches their eye up front. Our new PX4 or Baja® Bandit scooters would be great choices as the first items a store visitor would notice. They’re unique and could potentially encourage that visitor to see what else is available.

Display Compelling Signage

Without going overboard, a few well-placed and visually appealing signs throughout the showroom can add to a visitor’s curiosity. These should be easy to read and succinct so that they capture attention without being distracting.

Through the Literature portal, you can order Pride Mobility posters, hang tags, and other materials that can aid in your efforts to sell our products to your customers.

Another strategy includes changing the signage on a regular basis to reflect the season or time of year. Seasonal displays and signs can be an effective way to connect with visitors on an emotional level.

Why Visual Merchandising is Important

There are many more tips for effective visual merchandising that can be found in the links below. In an overall sense, the presentation of your store becomes your store’s personality. Visitors and customers will associate the look and feel of the showroom with the quality of the products within.

From colors, to window displays, from lighting, to even music playing the background, every aspect of the store can play a part in finalizing a sale of a Pride Mobility product.

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Visual Merchandising: 12 Insights, How To Merchandise

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