Accessible Spring Activities

You have probably looked outside and noticed that the weather is getting nicer and the days are getting longer; it’s spring! It’s also the perfect time of year to  get outside more and do some accessible spring activities for you and the whole family.

Accessible Hiking

A springtime activity that you may not think of right away as being accessible is hiking. Thankfully, there are many top-rated accessible hiking trails in the United States. You might wonder what makes these trails accessible. Many of them are paved or have surfaces that were created with mobility devices in mind. These trails are great for the whole family too and make it even better to walk your four-legged friends on without worrying about getting too muddy for the car ride home.

Accessible Gardening

One of the best and most convenient ways to get outside is to work on your home or community garden. Gardening can be so fulfilling in many ways. It allows you to do some light work and you also have the added benefit of seeing flowers bloom or even growing your own vegetable garden. 


There is no better feeling than when you smell delicious food cooking while the sun is shining. Grilling is something you can do at a local park or right from the comfort of your own backyard, deck, or other outdoor spot. Nothing brings family and friends together like good food and great company.

Have a Picnic

You can have a picnic just about anywhere: at a park, at home, or in another public outdoor space. Take in some sights and sounds while enjoying a meal with someone you care about. Don’t forget to pack some water and stay hydrated!

Check out a Farmer’s Market

If you’re going on a picnic or grilling, you may need some ingredients. Another great activity to do in the spring is to go to a local farmer’s market. You can find some pretty unique and locally sourced items there. Sometimes, you can even find some foods, drinks, or snacks that you’ve never tried before.

Many farmers’ markets are also a great opportunity for you to check out some wares created by local artists. You might find some pottery, knit products, or even paintings to decorate your space or give as a gift.

Go to a Cafe

Many restaurants and cafes have adopted accommodating outdoor seating arrangements. The springtime might be the perfect time to get outside and have a nice lunch or coffee. The weather tends to be milder and you can enjoy the sights and sounds of your local town or city this way. 

Shop at a Nursery

In the spirit of gardening, another great place to shop is a nursery. If you want a bit of a shortcut when it comes to a garden, you can purchase some plants that have already been started and are growing or about to produce flowers, fruit, or vegetables. Depending on how early in the season you are, you can also look into seeds or seedlings and start from scratch.

Final Thoughts

As things begin to thaw out from winter’s icy grip, you’ll find yourself with a flurry of things to do. Staying active and spending time with loved ones  is easy when you explore accessible spring activities together.

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