Canine Assistance

Canine Assistants

3160 Francis Road
Alpharetta, GA 30004 
Phone: 770-664-7178 
Fax: 770-664-7820 
Canine Assistants is a non-profit organization that trains dogs to assist children and adults who have impaired mobility or other special needs. The dogs we train can turn on lights, open doors, pull wheelchairs, retrieve dropped objects, summon help, and provide secure companionship.

Canine Companions for Independence (CCI)

National Headquarters
PO Box 446 
Santa Rosa, CA 95402-0446 
Phone: 1-800-572-2275 (V/TDD)
Fax: 707-577-1711
CCI is a nonprofit organization that provides highly trained assistance dogs to people with disabilities and to professional caregivers providing pet assisted therapy. The assistance dogs trained to be Canine Companions are matched with individuals as service, hearing, assisted service and facility dogs. CCI provides continuing support for these teams to ensure success.

International Association of Assistance Dogs Partners

P.O. Box 1326
Sterling Hts., MI 48311
Phone: 810-826-3938
The mission of the IAADP is:
(1) to provide assistance dog partners with a voice in the assistance dog field;
(2) to enable those partnered with guide dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs to work together on issues of mutual concern, and;
(3) to foster the disabled person /assistance dog partnership. 

Paws With A Cause® (PAWS)

4646 South Division
Wayland, MI 49348 
Phone: 616-877-7297 (V/TDD) or 800-253-PAWS [7297] (V/TDD)
Fax: 616-877-0248
PAWS® trains Assistance Dogs nationally for people with disabilities and provides lifetime team support that encourages independence. It offers the best of everything to its clients, including full ownership of their dog when training is completed. PAWS Assistance Dogs are trained to assist people who have been challenged by any of more than 25 different diseases, including: cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injuries, epilepsy and varying degrees of hearing impairment and vision loss.

Support Dogs, Inc.

3958 Union Road 
St. Louis, MO 63125 
Phone: 314 892-2554 
The mission of Support Dogs, Inc. is to give people with disabilities greater independence and improve lives through the help of a support or touch dog and promote canines as partners through abilities education.

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