Adaptive Softball for Wheelchair Users

Softball is a fun, team-building sport that was adapted in 1975 so that wheelchair users and other people of varying physical disabilities can participate. One year later, the National Wheelchair Softball Association (NWSA), the governing body for wheelchair softball in the United states, was founded. The sport was founded in the Midwest in Sioux Falls,Continue reading “Adaptive Softball for Wheelchair Users”

What to Do While Social Distancing

What is social distancing? You may have had a vacation, birthday party or a family reunion planned that had to be canceled recently. There is currently a widespread pandemic of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus.. Many individuals are practicing social distancing during this time to help prevent the spread of this virus to lovedContinue reading “What to Do While Social Distancing”

A Beginner’s Guide to Wheelchair Motocross

In wheelchair motocross, also known as WCMX, athletes use a wheelchair to perform tricks and stunts on skate park ramps that are adapted from skateboarding and BMX. This adrenaline-pumping sport is perfect for people who love adventure and are athletic. Each trick requires a lot of strength and stamina. The sport has picked up inContinue reading “A Beginner’s Guide to Wheelchair Motocross”

MLK Day and Disability Rights

As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the ADA (Americans’ with Disabilities Act), I look forward to building upon disability experiences alongside those who made a significant impact on the freedoms we exercise today. Many don’t relate disability rights with how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s promotion of civil rights issues gained national attention towardsContinue reading “MLK Day and Disability Rights”

Winter Sports for Wheelchair Users

Are you looking for fun ways to keep in shape during the winter? Or maybe you want to try new activities to beat the winter blues? You don’t have to limit yourself to traditional wheelchair exercises nor to being indoors for several months. There are different winter sports, both indoor and outdoor, that have beenContinue reading “Winter Sports for Wheelchair Users”

Adaptive Surfing for Wheelchair Users

Many sports have been adapted so that people of all abilities can participate and even compete in, including water sports. Whether you live near the ocean or you are looking to do something to get your adrenaline pumping while you are on vacation, surfing may not have been the first sport to come across yourContinue reading “Adaptive Surfing for Wheelchair Users”

Five Events for People with Disabilities

Whether you are an avid sports fan, passionate about advocacy, or wanting to learn more about the latest technology in mobility equipment, there are many events you can go to throughout the year. Though there are plenty that are held around the world, it can be difficult to know which ones would be worth yourContinue reading “Five Events for People with Disabilities”

Guide to Wheelchair Fencing for Beginners

Fencing has been adapted for wheelchair users and is a popular Paralympic sport. It has been a part of the Paralympic Games since the very first Games in 1960. It is governed by the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation (IWAS), a federation of the International Paralympic Committee. It is a fast-paced sport that requiresContinue reading “Guide to Wheelchair Fencing for Beginners”

Adaptive Mountain Biking for Wheelchair Users

If you are looking to get into a sport, there are a few things you need to consider. One question you may consider asking yourself is: would you prefer getting involved in a team sport or a more individualized sport? Once you decide what you prefer, there are a variety of sports you can chooseContinue reading “Adaptive Mountain Biking for Wheelchair Users”

What Does a Senior Center Do?

When you think of a senior center, you probably think of a place where elderly individuals get together and play cards. This is simply not true! Senior centers provide a variety of services to seniors. Individuals as young as 50 are taking advantage of all that their senior center has to offer. From meal andContinue reading “What Does a Senior Center Do?”