Accessible Activities to Do This Winter

If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, you may feel like winter outlasts the other seasons. While shoveling isn’t the most fun winter activity, there are plenty of other activities that only this season has to offer. Instead of rushing the winter, take advantage of the events and things toContinue reading “Accessible Activities to Do This Winter”

Accepting New Help

The world we live in – and we ourselves – place a very high value on physical independence. We’re raised on the expectation that we will ultimately take care of ourselves. As toddlers, we learn to dress and feed ourselves, as teens we learn to drive and to think for ourselves and finally, as adults,Continue reading “Accepting New Help”

Alcohol Abuse

What do all of the following have in common? increased muscle spasticity fractures heart, liver, kidney, & brain damage pressure sores malnutrition urinary tract infections Answer: All of these problems are associated with mixing spinal cord injury with alcohol. A recent study indicates that just getting older makes us less able to handle alcohol. ManyContinue reading “Alcohol Abuse”

Am I Ready for a Van?

Most spinal cord injury survivors who are used to driving a car aren’t too excited about switching to a modified van. “They’re too big. They’re too expensive. They’re not very sporty or fun. They’re too hard to drive.” Sound like you? If so, you may have even more reasons not to switch. Yet, increasing hassles,Continue reading “Am I Ready for a Van?”

An Interview with Mr. Albert D. Jumper

Director of Rehabilitation Psychology,Allied Services John Heinz Institute of Rehabilitation MedicineInterviewer: Terri Rozaieski Brief Vita: Albert D. Jumper, MA, Director of Rehabilitation Psychology at Allied Services John Heinz Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Clinical and administrative director of a staff of six (6) rehabilitation psychologists who provide psychological services to patients recovering fromContinue reading “An Interview with Mr. Albert D. Jumper”

Bladder Cancer

You may have heard it from physicians, from family members who have been doing their reading, or from spinal cord injury survivors who go to other doctors or who were treated at different hospitals or rehabilitation centers: “You’re going to develop cancer of the bladder if you keep that catheter in.” Are they right? NoContinue reading “Bladder Cancer”

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, accounting for more than 30% of all of their cancers. While spinal cord injury itself does not place women at higher risk of breast cancer, some of the results of SCI-reduced sensation, less likelihood of bearing children-can place SCI women in higher risk categories. What IsContinue reading “Breast Cancer”

The Life of a Long-Term Caregiver

Serving as a caregiver for a person with a disability is challenging in many ways. Whether you made the choice or it happened by default, caregiving can cause many different emotions. And no matter what you are feeling, it’s important to realize that your feelings matter. Self-care is just as important as caregiving. The Family CaregiverContinue reading “The Life of a Long-Term Caregiver”

Changing or Choosing Your Doctor

You’ve been injured a while, but for one reason or another you have to change doctors. Perhaps you’ve moved, your doctor has retired, you’re in a new health plan and you need to change doctors, or you’re not convinced that your doctor is doing the best for you. You need a doctor who has hadContinue reading “Changing or Choosing Your Doctor”


So you’ve heard cholesterol is bad. Don’t eat red meat. Eat more fish. Stay away from eggs. Don’t eat fat. Exercise a lot. Maybe you’ve even heard that your spinal cord injury can make it worse. Is it hype, or is this a real problem that you need to deal with? Is your cholesterol levelContinue reading “Cholesterol”