22 New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

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Welcome to 2022! Pride Mobility has compiled a list of new year’s resolutions to help you on your path toward self improvement in the new year. Some are easy; others not so much. It’s important to pick resolutions that you can stick with. That way you can feel good about knocking them out instead of lousy about failing to reach unrealistic goals.

This is the moment the whole world stops to ask, “How can I make things better?” So in honor of that, here’s our list of resolutions to consider for 2022.

1. Reconnect with People

The flip of the calendar page to a new year is a good time to start fresh. This clean slate is the perfect opportunity to begin again. Consider reaching out to people you’ve lost touch with.

2. Try a New Sport

Being active is a common new year’s resolution. A new sport is the perfect way to get out there. Thanks to technological advancements and human ingenuity, nearly every sport has an adaptive version. We outline many of them here. Don’t let mobility issues keep you away from the activities you love like golf, skiing, basketball and even surfing.

3. Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts continue to grow as a popular form of entertainment and information. The world of podcasting is now as vast as books, movies and television. Get started with this list of the best podcasts of 2021. You can dig deeper by searching your interests.

4. Find a Therapist

Start 2022 by making your mental health a priority. One in five people will experience mental illness in their lifetime, so you are not alone. You can find a licensed therapist in your area or download an app like Talkspace or BetterHelp.

5. Volunteer

There are many opportunities to give your time to a cause or organization you care about. Libraries, schools, sports leagues, food banks, shelters and many other institutions rely on volunteers to achieve their mission. Find the right group and give your talents.

6. Read More Books

Carve out more time this year to curl up with some good books. You can set an annual reading goal on apps like Good Reads to track your progress. Good Reads has tons of reviews to help you find new books and a queue called “Want to Read” where you can build your reading list.

7. Listen to More Audiobooks

If reading physical books doesn’t appeal to you, you can still enter into the literary realm via audiobooks. You can use Good Reads to track your listening the same way you’d log the books you read. Audiobooks make enjoying books so much easier. You can now bring your pager-turner with you — handsfree — while driving or exercising.

8. Learn to Paint

Whether you take your inspiration from the famous Bob Ross or a YouTube tutorial, painting is a lovely hobby. Give yourself some space to create, even if you don’t consider yourself an artist. Some time with a brush in your hand will give you a new perspective.

9. Perform Preventive Maintenance

Resolving to take better care of your things can be a broad or specific goal for 2022. You could commit to a cleaning and maintenance routine for your Pride Mobility scooter or electric wheelchair. We recommend reviewing these guidelines that cover cleaning and regular maintenance checks.

10. Explore Music

Is this the year you finally start learning guitar, sign up for voice lessons or reintroduce yourself to the piano? It’s never too late to explore music and instruments. Learning music stimulates our minds and provides deep satisfaction, especially when we hit big milestones.

11. Eat Healthy

A well-tread, but attainable resolution is to eat better. Set your mind to making healthier choices. Given the option of chips or carrots, channel your inner Bugs Bunny. Ultimately, the specifics of your diet are between you and your doctor. If you’re considering a major diet change you should consult a physician or nutritionist.

12. Start a Collection

Collecting is a popular hobby category that anyone can pick up.

Step one: find something you like.

Step two: Get more of the thing you like.

There are communities for all kinds of collectors on Facebook. Just search for your interest and there is a high likelihood that you’ll find like-minded collectors.

13. Start Knitting

If you’re looking for a new year’s resolution that allows you to create something, consider knitting. You can start with this beginner scarf and advance to more complicated projects like this sweater.

14.Begin a Meditation Practice

Starting a mindfulness or meditation practice is a great way to add a little peace to your 2022. Whether you’ve dabbled with meditation or your brand new, there are many apps with guided practices. Apps like Calm, Headspace and 10 Percent Happier often have introductory prices at the beginning of the year.

15. Check Your Warranty

Do yourself a favor and check the warranty on your Pride Mobility device. It’s good to know what’s covered in the event you need repairs. Visit our warranty page to better understand what your warranty means.

16. Plant Some Herbs

Resolve to test your green thumb by growing herbs this winter. No matter where you live, you can start growing plants right now. Amazon sells countertop herb gardens, complete with LED grow lights. Watch your seedlings grow. Then you and the family can enjoy some fresh basil, cilantro and more.

17. Start a New Skincare Routine

Make a pledge to care for your skin in 2022. So much of the self-care guidance out there focuses on the mind, diet and exercise. But what about the epidermis?! A glowing complexion makes you feel like a million bucks. Take a little extra care this year and, at the very least, moisturize every day.

18. Write Your Congressperson

Is there a political cause you care about? Grab a pen or a computer and write to your congressperson. You can figure out who represents you here. Then let your reps know how you feel.

19. Pick Up an Outdoor Hobby

We know fresh air is an antidote to the blues, so why not commit to getting outside more in 2022? Pick an outdoor activity that fits your lifestyle. It might be as simple as 10 minutes a day on the porch. It could also be regular excursions on your Pride Mobility scooter.

20. Create a Fitness Routine

You know a list of new year’s resolutions has to have something about fitness. Just like diet, this is a very personal resolution that depends on your abilities. That said, find a routine that works for you. Basic movements and low-impact activities can be exercise. Stick with a routine and you’ll see results!

21. Plan a Trip

Travel has been touchy for the past two years. Resolve to see a new part of the world this year. Make a plan, book your flights and don’t forget to pack your travel scooter.

22. Learn a New Language

If your travels take you to a new country, why not pack some new language skills. Websites like Duolingo and Rosetta Stone offer lessons in many languages and help you get a functional understanding in a short amount of time.

Best of luck with whatever new year’s resolution you decide to pursue! The team at Pride Mobility wishes you a happy and safe new year.

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