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The holidays are good for a lot of things like spending time with loved ones and connecting with far-flung family members. It’s also a great time to eat! We have some food gift ideas that will show how much you care — whether you’re coming together or sending positive thoughts from afar.

1.    Soup Delivery

Baby it’s cold outside and we have just the antidote: soup! Spoonful of Comfort sends love by the ladle, shipping fresh soups from Salt Lake City, Utah, to all 50 states. Your loved one gets soup that is ready to heat and enjoy within three to five days, or they can freeze it for future enjoyment. Spoonful of Comfort has a full menu from classic chicken noodle soup to holiday soup packages that offer seasonal add-ons like pie or hot chocolate.

2.  DIY Cookie Plate

A heaping plate of homemade cookies is a gift fit for Santa Claus and anyone who enjoys a sweet treat. Besides being delicious, a plate of cookies shows some effort. Slice-and-bake sugar cookies are a staple in Christmas cookie spreads. You can elevate your plate with a homemade version. Food Network provides this insanely cute Penguin Slice-and-Bake Cookie recipe.  If penguins aren’t your cookie or animal of choice, browse the Food Network list of 100 best cookies of 2021.

3.    Food for the Anglophile on Your List

Do you have someone on your list who loves an afternoon tea or straight-from-England Jelly Babies? World Market specializes in imported products from all around the world. Their British Confectionery food gift box is loaded with English toffee, Scottish fudge and custard boiled sweets that will make any expat or Anglophile jones for the UK. The British Afternoon Tea Food Gift Box hits similar notes, but for the tea-obsessed in your life.

4.   Wine not?

For many, sharing a drink is an essential holiday tradition. If you can’t get together over a glass of pinot this year, a wine basket might be the next best thing. Based in Clifton, New Jersey, curates wine-centric gift baskets for all occasions. For the holidays, they have selections for Hanukkah and Christmas.

5.  Make a Meal Together

This busy season can serve as a reminder to slow down. For many families, cooking or baking together is the perfect opportunity to connect. For an easy, customizable meal for a group, borrow this recipe for French Bread Pizzas. Kids will have a blast topping their own pizzas and adults can please their palates with whatever toppers they like. Level up the fun with a customized pizza peel. Create your Nana’s World Famous Pizzeria peel at

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