Cleaning your wheelchair or scooter

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How do you clean a power wheelchair or scooter?

Tips and tricks for keeping a clean power chair or scooter

It’s Sunday morning, and you are ready for that beloved first cup of coffee. You raise your Jazzy power wheelchair and grab your favorite mug. You fill it to the top; wisps of steam and roasty aromas float toward your nose.

In your pre-caffeine fog,  you knock over the cup. A hot river of coffee cascades onto the counter, over the counter’s edge and down to the floor like a waterfall. You and your Jazzy are in the splash zone.

First you panic. Then, you remember you read this blog and think, “Well, no sense crying over spilled coffee (and possibly milk). I know how to solve this problem.”

Here’s how to safely clean your Pride Mobility power chair or scooter.

Controller and other electronics

While coffee may be just what you need on a Sunday morning, it is no friend of electronics. The first step is drying any liquid — especially any on the controller or joystick. Make sure your electronics are completely dry before using the chair.

Plastic and metal parts

We recommend a clean, soft cloth or paper towel for cleaning your wheelchair or scooter. You should use care when wiping plastic and metal surfaces as dirt or debris can scratch them.

Most non-abrasive, multi-purpose cleaners are safe to use on your Pride Mobility device. Look for a natural product like Better Life Naturally Filth-Fighting All-Purpose Cleaner or a more traditional spray like Clorox Disinfecting All Purpose Cleaner. These products can help remove daily grime.

To eliminate bacteria or viruses you can also apply disinfectants to plastic and metal parts. Follow the instructions on the bottle for sprays like Lysol Disinfectant Spray or Seventh Generation Disinfectant Spray. These products give you some extra peace of mind to go with your sparkling clean chair.

With any cleaner or disinfectant, make sure to avoid spraying any on the electronics, wiring or battery.

Cleaning the seat

While sprays are perfect for most of your scooter or power chair, the seat is a chemical-free zone. Some products can make your seat slippery, which is not ideal for a mobility device that can max out over 4 mph. Other cleaners can cause the upholstery to dry out or crack.

Wash the seat with a soft cloth and a little soapy water. Soaps like Dawn Original Dishwashing Liquid are gentle on the material, but tough on dirt and odor. After you wash the seat, dry it thoroughly with a clean, soft rag.

Avoid the hose

Say you’re out at a local park, riding your Pride Mobility scooter. You gently round a curve and then you hear a splash. You unwittingly dipped your front tire into a puddle, splashing gooey mud onto your scooter. The tires, shroud and deck now have a nasty layer of gunk on them.

Avoid your instinct to turn the hose on your muddy vehicle, like you would a dirty pickup truck. Remember, your scooter has electronic parts that are sensitive to water.

Wipe off big chunks of mud with a cloth and then see above for cleaner recommendations.

Add a little shine

After your mobility scooter or chair are clean, it’s time to shine. You can apply wax to the plastic found on the front tiller shroud, front shroud and the rear shroud as well as your power chair base. A product like Mothers Plastic Polish can enhance and protect your scooter’s shine as well as buff out scratches.

You can also shine up your tires and casters with a product made for vehicle tires. Armor All Heavy Duty Wheel and Tire Cleaner has a handy color-changing feature. It sprays on blue and then turns white when the unwanted crud has been lifted. Then, simply whip it off for a shiny, like-new look.

Additional Maintenance

Keeping your Pride Mobility products clean is an essential part of preventive maintenance. It will help cut down on the wear and tear on the device, while keeping your ride looking pristine. Now that your device is clean, we have a few more suggestions to keep it running properly.

In an earlier blog, we detailed daily, weekly and monthly checks you can do on your electric power wheelchair. These at-home inspections cover everything from the tire pressure to the brakes and electrical connections and can help you locate issues before they get worse.

For mobility scooter users, we wrote a similar blog with maintenance tips. This includes information about the electronic wiring harness, battery terminal and pneumatic tires.

If any of your maintenance checks reveal concerning issues, contact your dealer for service.

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