Cleaning Your Electric Power Wheelchair

Electric power wheelchairs are sophisticated pieces of equipment. In order to ensure that your power chair gives you trouble-free performance, it requires routine maintenance checks. While you can perform some of these checks yourself, some maintenance requires assistance from your authorized Pride Provider.

Your electric power wheelchair comes with an ABS plastic body shroud that allows it to be easily wiped clean. Use a damp cloth to clean the plastic and metal parts of the unit. You can use a mild, non-abrasive cleanser. If necessary, the power chair can be cleaned with an approved disinfectant, but not before making sure that the disinfectant is safe for use on the chair. Please avoid using any products that may scratch the surface on your power chair and keep your chair clean and free of foreign material, such as mud, dirt, hair, food, drink, etc.

To clean the vinyl seat, never use any chemicals, as they may cause the seat to become slippery or dry out and crack. Instead, use soapy water and dry the seat thoroughly.

It is also of utmost importance that you keep your controller clean and make sure to avoid knocking or bumping the joystick controller knob for electric power wheelchair.

Never hose off your power chair or place it in direct contact with water.  We suggest immediately cleaning up any moisture and spills that could affect your product.

Good maintenance habits also include taking care of your batteries.  Always charge your batteries fully after you are done using your power wheelchair for the day. Read more on proper charging habits for electric power wheelchairs.

Daily Power Chair Checks

  • Check the joystick while the controller is turned off. Make sure it is not bent or damaged and that it returns to the neutral position when you release it. Visually inspect the rubber boot around the base of the joystick for damage. Do not handle or try to repair it
  • Check the controller harness. Make sure that it is not frayed, cut, or has any wires exposed
  • Check for flat spots on your solid tires, as they could adversely affect stability
  • Inspect the seating system, armrests, and front riggings for loose hardware, stress points, or damage.
  • See your provider if you encounter a problem during any of the checks listed above

Weekly Electric Power Wheelchair Checks

  • Disconnect and inspect the controller harness and the charger harness from the power base, making sure there is no corrosion
  • Ensure that all parts of the controller system are securely fastened to your power chair. Do not overtighten any screws
  • Check your tires for proper inflation. Pneumatic tires should be inflated to the proper psi/bar/kPa air pressure rating indicated on each tire. If the tire does not hold air, contact your provider for replacing the tube
  • Check the brakes. This test should be carried out on a level surface with at least 3 feet of clearance around your electric power chair

Checking Your Brakes

  • Turn on the controller and turn down the speed level of your power chair
  • After one second, check the battery condition meter. Make sure that it remains on
  • Slowly push the joystick controller knob for electric power wheelchair forward until you hear the electric brakes click. Immediately release the joystick
  • You must be able to hear each electric brake operating within a few seconds of moving the joystick
  • Repeat this test three times, pushing the joystick rearward, then left, and then right

Monthly Power Chair Checks

  • Check the drive tire and caster wheels for wear. Replace them as necessary.
  • Check the caster forks for damage or fluttering which indicates the need for adjustment or replacement of bearings
  • Check the entire power chair for loose hardware and changes in the function or performance of the power chair
  • Contact your provider for any service or repairs regarding the checks listed above

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  1. I’m looking for a new wheelchair seat pad for my Quad2.0(?). I’d appreciate a phone number or website. My wife says my seat cushion smells “ripe” and she’s looking for lighter fluid and bic lighter. Your assistance is urgently and deeply appreciated. (251) 473-5020. Mobile, Alabama

    1. Hi Joseph! I will be happy to help point you in the right direction. If you need replacement parts, new tires or new batteries, contact your authorized Pride provider. They will order the parts for you and install them on your mobility product. Please let me know if you have any additional questions, or if you need to locate a new provider you can visit this link:

  2. Charger will not charge. My jazzy 614HD is about 1 year old and when I plug in charger the power and charge lights are both green. But chair lights stay off. If I turn chair on while charger attached chair lights blink and power level rotates from low to high continuously.

    1. Hi Dana!

      I’m sorry to hear that your Jazzy 614HD will not charge if you’d like we can try troubleshooting that here or you can call into our customer service team at: 800-800-4258. When was the last time the batteries were charged, and how often are they typically charged?


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