How Much Do Electric Wheelchairs Weigh?

Woman wearing an orange shirt navigating around a staircase in a Jazzy Evo 613 power wheelchair.

When considering a motorized wheelchair for purchase, you might wonder: how heavy is an electric wheelchair? The answer may surprise you. Although power wheelchairs may have similar components, the weight of these components can vary. Plus, there are a variety of wheelchair types, and many can be customized based on the user’s needs.   

All Pride® power chairs are equipped with rechargeable batteries, and the size and type of battery may differ from one wheelchair to the next. Battery weight factors heavily into the overall weight of a motorized wheelchair. 

Some electric wheelchairs are designed to be extremely lightweight and portable. They are built with lighter materials. The Pride® Jazzy® Passport weighs only 53 pounds without the batteries, however, the Jazzy® 1450 is a bariatric power chair, with the base weighing 195 pounds.  A bariatric power chair is more heavy duty to support larger weight capacities. 

Seating installed on motorized wheelchairs also contributes to the weight. The Jazzy Air®2 power chair with elevating seat offers a standard high-back, reclining sport seat that is available in different sizes based on the user’s needs. When opting for a solid seat pan, there’s an option to purchase Synergy® Cushions for added comfort. 

When it comes to foot positioning, Pride’s electric wheelchairs come standard with a foot platform. With power chairs like the Jazzy® 600 ES, consumers can purchase the optional swing-away footrest or elevating leg rests for support. Some of these choices can make mobility chairs heavier. 

What wheelchair would be complete without accessories? Add-ons such as a rearview mirror, saddlebag, front storage basket or an oxygen tank holder add additional weight to a power chair. 

When searching for ways to transport your power chair, such as a wheelchair lift, it’s crucial to understand how batteries, additional accessories and specialized seating can contribute to the weight. Be sure to check the weight capacity of any wheelchair lift to make sure it’s a good fit for you.

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