How to Charge Your Electric Wheelchair Batteries

As a power wheelchair user, it’s important to understand how to achieve maximum performance with your motorized wheelchair. Your Jazzy® power wheelchair uses two long-lasting, 12-volt, deep-cycle batteries, which are sealed and maintenance free. Because the batteries are sealed, there is no need to check the electrolyte (fluid) level. Deep-cycle motorized wheelchair batteries are designed to handle a longer and deeper discharge. While these batteries are similar in appearance to batteries used in a vehicle, they are not interchangeable. Vehicle batteries are not designed to handle a long, deep discharge, and are unsafe for use in electric wheelchairs. It is important to use two wheelchair batteries that are the same type and chemistry and have the same amp-hour (AH) capacity. The battery charger received with your Jazzy® electric wheelchair is essential in providing long life for your power wheelchair batteries. The charger is designed to optimize the performance of your electric wheelchair by charging the batteries safely, quickly and easily. Use the off-board charger to charge your electric wheelchair:

  1. Position your motorized wheelchair next to a standard electrical outlet
  2. Be certain the wheelchair’s controller power is turned off and the electric wheelchair is in drive mode
  3. Plug the off-board charger into the off-board charger/programming socket on the controller
  4. Plug the off-board charger into the electrical outlet
  5. When the batteries are fully charged, unplug the off-board charger from the electrical outlet and then from the controller

The LED lights on the power wheelchair charger indicate different charging conditions at various times, including: charger power on; charging in progress; and charging complete. Refer to your owner’s manual for a complete explanation of these indicators. If the LED light does not indicate that the charging is complete within 24 hours, unplug the charger from the outlet and contact your authorized Pride® provider.

Breaking in New Batteries for Your Jazzy® Electric Wheelchair

It will take a few “charging cycles” to establish the critical chemical balance that is essential to a wheelchair battery’s peak performance and long life. Take the time to properly break in your new electric wheelchair batteries.

  1. Fully recharge any new electric wheelchair battery prior to its initial use. This brings the battery up to about 90 percent of its peak performance level
  2. Operate your power wheelchair throughout the house and yard. Move slowly at first, and do not travel too far until you become accustomed to the controls and break in the wheelchair batteries
  3. Give the batteries another full charge of at least eight to 14 hours and operate your motorized wheelchair again. The batteries will now perform at over 90 percent of their potential
  4. After four or five charging cycles, the batteries for your motorized wheelchair will top off at 100 percent charge and last for an extended period

How Often Should I Charge My Electric Wheelchair Batteries?

How often you use your power wheelchair determines how often you should charge your batteries. If you use your electric wheelchair daily, charge the batteries as soon as you finish using your power wheelchair for the day. We recommend charging your motorized wheelchair’s batteries for at least eight to 14 hours after daily use. If you use your power wheelchair less frequently, we recommend charging the batteries eight to 14 hours twice a week for a maintenance charge. We do not recommend charging the batteries on your power wheelchair for longer than 14 hours. Refer to the manual supplied with your wheelchair battery charger for additional information.

28 thoughts on “How to Charge Your Electric Wheelchair Batteries

  1. I need some one to help me Recharge my batteries they will not keep power any longer then three hours,the power chair is a jazzy Elite scooter. I feel its possible the lint and dust may have affected the under carriage (batteries) as well.I have not had it serviced in two years and now having trouble keeping the charge.

  2. Error code 19 doesn’t let me recharge my batteries. They are new but got unplugged from charger.

    1. Hi Lewis! If you have a Pride Mobility scooter or power wheelchair the batteries that come in those units can be recharged. Please let me know if you have any additional questions and I’ll be happy to assist you!


    1. Hi Jim! If you have the model name of the scooter you own I can tell you exactly where that charging plug is. Typically they are right underneath the tiller (handlebar area) it’ll be a little circular charging port – or it can be under the seat behind the area where your feet would be. Please let me know if you need any additional information or photos?

      Thank you so much and I hope you have a great day!

    1. Hi Terry! I’ll be happy to help with this question, what model of Jazzy do you have? There should be decals on the chair stating the model name or a serial number on the original owner’s manual.

  4. Hi Mark, thank you for visiting our blog. I would suggest speaking directly with one of our customer support representatives who will be able to walk you through some troubleshooting. If you would please have ready the serial number which can be found on the seat post or your original owner’s manual. You can contact them by sending an email to or calling them directly at 800-800-4258

    1. Hi Dal!

      Which model of Pride Mobility power wheelchair do you have? Typically the chairs are powered off and plugged into the offboard chargers. I can send you a copy of the owner’s manual once the model is identified if you would like?

      Thank you for visiting our blog!


  5. I am trying to recharge my pridemobility wheel chair, DWR1234l799. I have left it on for 1-1/2 days and still won’t work. I purchased it from a thrift store and do not have a manual for it… (I would like to know if/where I can obtain one). I do need help with this probleml

    1. Hi Steven! If you let us know exactly which model that is we can send you a link for the appropriate owner’s manual. Or you can email us directly at or call directly into 800-800-4258 and ask to have one mailed to your home.

      Thank you so much!


  6. When are you going to start using the new Million Mile batteries? Also I think it would be a good idea to start using
    Air suspension for a better ride on the scooters. I converted mine to air and it is much better. I have the Raptor.

  7. I need an owners manual for the jazzy 614. Please send to:
    223 briar oaks ln
    Azle tx. 76020

      1. When are you going to start using the “Million Mile Battery” in your scooters??? I have a Raptor and like it very much but I had to make a lot of changes in it to make it really good. I really want to replace the

  8. I bought a used Pride Go Chair from the original owners son. The original owner passed. We brought it home and used it for the first day without a problem. After connecting it to the power charger overnight the unit barely moved and soon stopped. What can be the problem?

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