How to Lock Your Power Wheelchair Joystick

Close up view of wheelchair controller with speed dial turned up all the way. Led battery indicator is visible as well

You’re sitting comfortably in your Jazzy Evo 613 at a family gathering. The grandkids are buzzing around and everyone is having a blast. Eventually, your five-year-old grandson breaks away from the group. He climbs on your lap, and before you can react, he wraps his hand around the joystick and shoves it forward.

Spectators hold their breath, expecting your power wheelchair to lurch toward the wall. Except nothing happens. You smile. You knew any little boy — the sweet but mildly mischievous one on your lap — could not resist an unguarded joystick. So before he ever approached, you locked the controller.

Jazzy power wheelchairs from Pride Mobility operate using a joystick controller. All of our controllers come with a lock out mode for these very circumstances. The locking feature also comes in handy if you need to leave your power wheelchair unattended.

Depending on the model, Pride power wheelchairs use different intuitive hand controls. They all provide superior maneuverability, but controller configurations vary. The following are instructions to lock and unlock various Pride Mobility controllers. Whether you need to protect from pint-sized joystick pushers or you accidentally locked yourself out and need to know how to unlock your unit.

GC3 Controller

The following Jazzy power wheelchairs use the GC3 Controller:

To lock: Press and hold the green on/off button until it beeps. Release the on/off key. Then, move the joystick all the way forward until it beeps. Move the joystick back until it beeps again. Release the joystick. A long beep indicates the unit is locked.

To unlock: Press the on/off key to turn on the controller. The battery condition meter will display the locked sequence. Push the joystick forward until it beeps. Pull the joystick back until it beeps. Release the joystick. A long beep indicates that the system is unlocked.

Dynamic Controller

The following Jazzy models use a dynamic controller:

To lock: While the power is on, press and hold the green on/off button for four seconds. The display will turn off immediately. After four seconds, all LEDs will flash briefly and the horn will sound a short beep.

The battery indicator LEDs will scroll right to left when the device is locked.

To unlock: Press the horn key twice during the approximately 10 seconds that the indicator lights are scrolling to unlock the joystick.

VR2 Controller

The following Pride Mobility power wheelchairs use the VR2 Controller:

To lock: While powered on, hold the on/off key until it beeps, then release. Push the joystick forward until the beep, then pull the joystick back until you hear the beep to lock the joystick.

The profile LEDs — the yellow lights in the middle of the controller — scroll left to right to indicate the unit is locked.

To unlock: Hold the joystick forward until you hear a beep, then pull back until it beeps again. There will be a long beep to indicate it is unlocked.

VSI Controller

The VSI controller is used on the Jazzy Passport.

To lock: Hold the on/off key — a green circle with a vertical line through it — until it beeps, then release. Push the joystick forward until it beeps then pull it back until you hear another beep. Finally, a long beep indicating that the unit is locked.

When the VSI Controller is locked, the profile LEDs — the five lights below the battery indicator — flash from left to right.

To unlock: Push the joystick forward until it beeps, then pull the joystick back until it beeps again. After both beeps, the unit unlocks.

Find a Pride Mobility Dealer

If you have more questions about the safety features in your power wheelchair, Pride Mobility dealers are incredibly knowledgeable and can answer most every question about your device. Find a Pride Mobility Dealer near you.

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