Lap Belts for Pride Mobility Scooter and Power Wheelchairs

photo of a wheelchair lap belt with an airline style buckle and red push button release

For most of us, clicking a seatbelt is just part of getting into a car. The simple, habitual motion gives us a sense of calm before the car starts moving. With Pride Mobility scooters and power wheelchairs, you might have the same inclination.

Our devices hit different top speeds, but they all travel on wheels going a few miles per hour. Lap belts — which come standard on our power wheelchairs and some mobility scooters — are optional on all wheeled devices.

What is a lap belt?

A lap belt is a strap that goes across the rider’s lap. A central buckle connects the two sides of the belt. The lap belt is adjustable and available in several sizes. It is designed to support the operator, keeping them from sliding down or forward in the seat. Lap belts — or positioning belts as they’re also called — serve the same purpose on power wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

If your device has a lap belt, you should use it every time. Allowing the lap belt to hang or drag can lead to snags. Instead, latch the belt and keep it in position to avoid entanglements.

How to use a lap belt

To put on the lap belt:

  1. Insert the metal tab on the right side of the belt into the plastic housing on the opposite strap. When you hear a “click,” the buckle is locked.
  2. Pull the loose end of the strap on the right side of the belt until the operator is secure and comfortable.

To release the lap belt:

  1. Press the push button mechanism on the plastic housing.

It’s a good practice to occasionally inspect the lap belt. Be on the lookout for tears, worn spots or damage to the latch. If you find issues, contact a Pride Mobility dealer for a replacement.

Lap belts for power wheelchairs

Jazzy power chairs come equipped with a 60-inch lap belt. If that standard size doesn’t work for you, we offer different options. Pride providers have positioning belts that are 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 inches long. With a properly fitted lap belt, users of all body types can feel secure.

Install positioning belt on Jazzy power wheelchair

Here are instructions for installing a lap belt on a Jazzy power wheelchair.

  1. Remove the rearmost screw that holds the seat hinge to the seat base on both the left and right seat hinges.
  2. Insert the screw through the supplied washer, through the positioning belt and into the seat base for each side of the power chair seat.
  3. Tighten both screws.

Once the belt is attached, use it as you would any other lap belt. Be sure to adjust the strap so it feels secure, but not too tight.

Lap belts for mobility scooters

Pride Mobility Go-Go Travel scooters come standard with 50-inch lap belts. You have the option to add a positioning belt to the other Pride Mobility scooter models. Pride Mobility providers offer a range of different length lap belts for all scooter types. Lap belts for scooters are sized in 10-inch increments from 50 to 90 inches.

Install positioning belt on mobility scooter

Follow these instructions to install the positioning belt on your mobility scooter:

  1. Remove the seat from your scooter.
  2. Place the seat upside down so that you can see the bottom of the seat base.
  3. Use a wrench to remove the two rear bolts that attach the seat frame to the seat base.
  4. Insert the bolt through the appropriate ends of the positioning belt and then reinstall the bolts back into the seat frame.
  5. Tighten the bolts.

After installing the lap belt, adjust the strap length so it fits securely, but is not uncomfortably snug.

Where do I purchase a Pride Mobility lap belt?

Pride Mobility providers stock many devices and accessories. They are incredibly knowledgeable and can answer any questions and install your mobility device lap belt. Find a Pride Mobility Dealer.

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