What is a Power Wheelchair?

A power wheelchair is a device that aids in mobility. It is typically used by individuals who have a medical condition and have difficulty walking. People use power wheelchairs because they are unable to use a manual wheelchair or an electric scooter. 

Every electric wheelchair has a base, which is equipped with four or more wheels. Motorized wheelchairs typically have two large drive wheels and two or four smaller wheels called casters for added stability. The drive wheels can be positioned in the front, middle or rear of the power wheelchair base. The Jazzy® Elite ES features front-wheel drive, while the Jazzy Air® 2 features mid-wheel drive. A motorized wheelchair is driven using a joystick, which allows for the chair to move forward, backward, left and right. 

Many electric wheelchairs can be used both indoors and outdoors, yet power wheelchairs offer more maneuverability indoors. With a tighter turning radius, some motorized wheelchairs are designed for use in the home, such as the Jazzy® Select, which is compact and maneuverable. Numerous electric wheelchairs easily fit through the halls and door frames of homes. 

A variety of accessories can be added to a power wheelchair. Pride’s Jazzy wheelchair accessories offer convenient storage options, such as an arm mount saddlebag, which easily mounts to the armrest of a motorized wheelchair. Other accessories that can be added include an XLR USB charger, which can charge smart devices on the go, and a cup holder, which is perfect for holding beverages. No matter what accessories you choose, it’s a great way to make your electric wheelchair truly unique. 

Not sure if you qualify for a Jazzy power wheelchair? Follow these steps to find to learn if Medicare will pay for an electric wheelchair. Plus, click here to learn which electric wheelchair best meets your needs.

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  1. I am looking to rent one for my husband. He is 6’6 and weighs 340. I would need it for one day and then another day. Do you also rent the trailer to haul it in/on? Do you cover Colorado?

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