Where Can I Donate an Electric Wheelchair?

In recent years, selling and donating items we no longer use to consignment shops and charitable organizations has become popular. What happens when you have a used electric wheelchair that you no longer need, and you want to pay it forward? Whether you’re using a newer motorized wheelchair or the person who used the older one has passed on, it can be a good idea to donate the electric wheelchair if it is still in good working condition.

There are many organizations around the country and across the globe that would graciously accept a used electric wheelchair. We’ve compiled a list of groups that would be more than happy to take and rehome a used motorized wheelchair.

Donating to Veterans Organizations

Are you a veteran or have a heart for veterans? Although the Veterans Affairs Administration provides electric wheelchairs to some veterans, not all veterans are eligible. There are also veterans that may be waiting for a motorized wheelchair to arrive and can still benefit from a mobility device during that waiting period. There are many different veterans organizations in existence that accept wheelchair donations.

Donating to Non-profits

Non-profit organizations are as versatile as the people who run them. There are organizations that range from general non-profits to ones for conditions that cause physical disabilities. Maybe you or a loved one live with a specific disease or condition that prevents you from walking and you want to give others living with the condition the same freedom and opportunities that you had when you obtained your electric wheelchair. Some diseases and conditions have non-profit organizations associated with them such as United Spinal Association, the ALS Association, United Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy Association, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the CRL Good Life Foundation.

Donating to Senior Centers

Senior centers are focused on providing wellness services and activities for senior citizens. They typically rely on donations from a variety of funding sources, and in many cases, government funding. Because they rely on funding from outside sources, there isn’t always a lot of money available for centers to buy electric wheelchairs and other mobility aids. Donating a used motorized wheelchair to a senior citizen center can help improve the mobility of senior citizens who go to the center. The center may loan the power wheelchairs out for the day or even permit some people to take them home. It’s the gift that keeps giving!

Donating to Community Organizations/Religious Groups

Like senior centers, many non-profit community organizations also heavily rely on donations and may not have a lot of money to purchase electric wheelchairs. For example, a non-profit museum might loan motorized wheelchairs to visitors to use as they browse the museum. There are also religious groups and places of worship, such as churches and synagogues, that might like to have a motorized wheelchair or two for members of the congregation to use while on site.

When donating a power wheelchair, it is helpful to include the owner’s manual. If you no longer have the paper owner’s manual that came with your electric wheelchair, you may find a digital copy online. Click here to view Pride Mobility Products® owner’s manuals.

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  1. I have a Pride Jazzy chair which I would like to donate. Please could you supply me with your list of recipients in the UK? Thankyou.

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