Where Can I Donate an Electric Wheelchair?

In recent years, selling and donating items we no longer use to consignment shops and charitable organizations has become popular. What happens when you have a used electric wheelchair that you no longer need, and you want to pay it forward? Whether you’re using a newer motorized wheelchair or the person who used the older one has passed on, it can be a good idea to donate the electric wheelchair if it is still in good working condition.

There are many organizations around the country and across the globe that would graciously accept a used electric wheelchair. We’ve compiled a list of groups that would be more than happy to take and rehome a used motorized wheelchair.

Donating to Veterans Organizations

Are you a veteran or have a heart for veterans? Although the Veterans Affairs Administration provides electric wheelchairs to some veterans, not all veterans are eligible. There are also veterans that may be waiting for a motorized wheelchair to arrive and can still benefit from a mobility device during that waiting period. There are many different veterans organizations in existence that accept wheelchair donations.

Donating to Non-profits

Non-profit organizations are as versatile as the people who run them. There are organizations that range from general non-profits to ones for conditions that cause physical disabilities. Maybe you or a loved one live with a specific disease or condition that prevents you from walking and you want to give others living with the condition the same freedom and opportunities that you had when you obtained your electric wheelchair. Some diseases and conditions have non-profit organizations associated with them such as United Spinal Association, the ALS Association, United Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy Association, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the CRL Good Life Foundation.

Donating to Senior Centers

Senior centers are focused on providing wellness services and activities for senior citizens. They typically rely on donations from a variety of funding sources, and in many cases, government funding. Because they rely on funding from outside sources, there isn’t always a lot of money available for centers to buy electric wheelchairs and other mobility aids. Donating a used motorized wheelchair to a senior citizen center can help improve the mobility of senior citizens who go to the center. The center may loan the power wheelchairs out for the day or even permit some people to take them home. It’s the gift that keeps giving!

Donating to Community Organizations/Religious Groups

Like senior centers, many non-profit community organizations also heavily rely on donations and may not have a lot of money to purchase electric wheelchairs. For example, a non-profit museum might loan motorized wheelchairs to visitors to use as they browse the museum. There are also religious groups and places of worship, such as churches and synagogues, that might like to have a motorized wheelchair or two for members of the congregation to use while on site.

When donating a power wheelchair, it is helpful to include the owner’s manual. If you no longer have the paper owner’s manual that came with your electric wheelchair, you may find a digital copy online. Click here to view Pride Mobility Products® owner’s manuals.

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49 thoughts on “Where Can I Donate an Electric Wheelchair?

  1. I have a Pride Jazzy chair which I would like to donate. Please could you supply me with your list of recipients in the UK? Thankyou.

      1. If still required, I have a powerchair which my mother hardly used . Nick

  2. I would like to donate my moms electric scooter chair. It is only about a year old and just used inside the house. It will need a new battery but otherwise in excellent condition. It is a smaller chair since she was small.

    1. Hi Gisela! Thank you so much for visiting our site, you can certainly reach out to some local organizations who would be happy for a generous donation like that. If you need help searching for one you can email me at amoy@pridemobility.com with your zip code or name of your city.

      Thank you!


    2. I am trying to find an electric chair to scooter for my daughter. She has Fibromyalgia and degenerative disc’s and nerve damage on both sides of her body. She can’t hardly walk. Doctor said she may get worse. I would need one weight capacity of at least 400lbs. Must be able to take it apart to put in trunk.

      1. Hi Janet! I hope you are doing well. The Victory 10 Scooter has a weight capacity of 400 lbs and has our feather-touch disassembly. Here is a link to the page where you can see some accurate measurements to determine if it will fit in your trunk. https://www.pridemobility.com/pride-mobility-scooters/victory-10-4-wheel/

        Please let me know if you need any additional information, if you’d like to locate a dealer near you or online please visit this link: https://www.pridemobility.com/find-a-dealer.asp

      2. I have two beautiful chairs in fantastic condition can not deliver need to be picked up

    3. Hi am in need of one ,I have conditions prevents me from walking standing, spinal problem yes it would help me,

  3. I, too, have a Pride Jazzy Elite chair I would like to donate. I am located in the Columbus, Ohio area. Can you please provide a list of organizations nearby?

    1. Hi Scott I hope you are doing well, thank you for visiting our blog! I did a search within your area and found these local organizations that you are able to check out for donating a power wheelchair. I hope you have a wonderful day!



  4. I have a Quantum Q6 Edge electric wheelchair. Do you know of any places near Bartlett, Illinois that I could sell it?

    1. Hi Joan! I’m so sorry for the late reply, you can try checking with dealers by visiting our locator here https://www.pridemobility.com/find-a-dealer.asp or another way might be to utilizing the local paper, or online classifieds. Sometimes some local organizations may also know of someone who is looking for used equipment too.

      Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything else I can help you with?

      Thank you so much!

  5. Hi, I have some medical equipment (Walker, Kane, Scooter, etc.) that I would like to donate. I live in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Could you please provide a list of organizations nearby? Thanks in advance.

  6. I have an electric scooter that we would like to donate to a Veteran that does not meet the requirements for en electric scooter. Is this a possibility? We are in California

    1. Hi Melody! I hope you are doing well. That’s so kind of you to consider donating the electric scooter you have to a Veteran. There are a few resources you can look into and organizations. If you send me your zip code I can send you some ideas, my email address is amoy@pridemobility.com

      Thank you and I hope you are having a happy and safe holiday season.


  7. I have a Merits P320 that I’d like to donate. It was my mothers but unfortunately she can no longer use it. It needs a new battery; otherwise it’s in pretty good shape. I’m in the Marietta Georgia area and I’ve been having a hard time trying to find a place that can use it. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

  8. Hi, my dad was given an electric wheelchair through the BA that is no longer needed and they have advised us to donate. We live in south New Jersey. Any idea on who might want it? We also have a 10’ ramp.

    1. Hi Kathi! Happy holidays and thank you for visiting our blog. I would be more than happy to help you out with this. I can look up some places in your area that you might be able to contact to see if they support accepting donations. If you’d like you can email me your zip code to amoy@pridemobility.com

      Thank you!

    2. Hi Kathy am in need of one have multiple disc dislocation standing Walk in is very differently difficult it will help me thank u

  9. I would like to donate my mother’s motorized scooter to someone in the Columbus Ohio area can you help me with that it’s less than a year old only used indoors and in great condition

  10. My wife passed away and I have a Dalton power wheelchair that has hardly been used. I also disassembled her Bruno stair lift. I would love to give both to someone in the Denver, CO area. Do you know of anyone that would accept these donations?


    1. Hi John, we’re very sorry to hear about your wife’s passing, this is such a kind gesture for you to consider. Many local organizations may take donations, you can try to reach out to local MDA, ALS, etc. chapters or even some local community centers/businesses.

  11. I would like to donate my father’s Merits Vector motorized wheelchair. It is in great condition. I live in Orange County California. Someone would need to come and get it. It does not come apart

    1. Hi ASheryl, sometimes local organizations like the MDA, ALS Association, and Good Will may accept these types of donations. I would recommend calling them to see what they can accept.

  12. Hi. I have a Jazzy Select Elite to donate in the Chicago, IL area. Does anyone have any ideas? I’ve made about 20 calls already, and no one is accepting. If I can’t donate, how do I dispose of this? Thanks!

  13. My husband has a quantim mobility chair he is a large size man. It needs work and would have to be picked up. Its in Mt. pleasant Michigan you can get in contact with me via email.

  14. I need help getting a power chair please please help me I can’t afford one and I’m disabled and I’ve been disabled for some years now I had a power chair and will me and my husband separated he took it from me and now I need another one can y’all please help me

    1. Hi I will be receiving a Quntum edge Q6 motorized wheelchair and looking to give it to a person in need

      1. Hi Robert I am in need, of one I will help me with my conditions wish I can get it

  15. Hi, I’m a senior and Veteran and I’m scheduled for leg surgery next month on both legs. Because a private hospital is performing the surgery I’m not eligible for a scooter. Since I am alone I need to be able to go to the market occasionally. Do you know someone who will donate a scooter to me or loan it for less than a year when I will be rehabilitated?

  16. My name is Bill and I live in NYS ON LONG ISLAND. Does anyone have a used electric wheelchair fir a very inexpensive proce or to donate it to me through the Bohemia Chamber of Commerce? I appreciate the help to all. God Bless. I cannot walk or stand. My legs are not functioning having lost part of my left ankle and developed severe lymphedema which I must be treated daily with a machine and 2x weekly at the hospital until it gets under control

  17. I have a power wheelchair I would love to donate. I have the manual and charger as well. Do you know of local areas that would accept this or possible pick it up?
    I’m located in New Salisbury Indiana.

  18. I have a a quantum j4 wheel chair motorized in excellent shape i would like to donate . less than a year old. serial no Jf130020066020. it has the tie downs to go in a van . Needs to be picked up in bethesda maryland. tilts,

  19. I have a powerchair hardly ever used which I will happily donate. How do I contact interested parties?

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