Clifton Lewis: Helping Those with MD Live the Good Life

Clifton was born and raised in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, and currently resides in Goodyear, Arizona. 

Growing up, Clifton was an athlete and his passion was playing basketball, but when he was in college, he started to notice his right arm getting weaker. Two years after seeing a doctor and physical therapist, he was diagnosed with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy. 

“For the first four or five years after the diagnosis, I didn’t need to use any mobility device but when I started falling more often, I knew it was time to get a scooter,” Clifton explained. Clifton uses his Jazzy® Zero Turn to maintain his independence. He loves the suspension and the comfortable, smooth ride and comments that it’s one of the coolest scooters he’s ever seen in styling and functionality. “It turns in a complete circle and that is a huge benefit especially indoors. No other 4-wheel scooter can do that,” Clifton said. He also loves having four wheels because it gives him the stability and safety he needs when transferring or getting up from the scooter. 

Clifton is an avid traveler. “My scooter has opened so many new doors for me. From New York City to Hawaii and all over the U.S., my scooter has made traveling so much better and way more fun,” he said. Clifton is passionate about helping families with muscular dystrophy. He founded the Clifton R. Lewis Good Life Foundation in 2010. He has helped almost 100 families affected by muscular dystrophy all over the country. “We grant special equipment like Pride scooters and power chairs and any other mobility device that you could think of,” Clifton said. 

In addition to donations, the foundation also makes dreams come true for kids with muscular dystrophy. From visiting Disney to meeting NFL players, the organization has fulfilled the wishes of many children. When he isn’t traveling or planning events for the organization, Clifton enjoys spending as much time as he can with his two young kids, who also love his scooter. They especially love visiting and playing in the community pool and splash pad together. He sets an example for his kids by showing them that anything is possible, even if it needs to be done a little differently. “Even though I have a disability I try and show them that anything is possible. I’m showing my kids on a daily basis to never, ever give up!” Clifton said. Clifton is highly involved with many muscular dystrophy related organizations, all of which he considers leaders in helping families and raising awareness for muscular dystrophy, not stopping until they find a cure. “My friend and mentor told me once: Just keep pushing. Be the very best version of yourself every single day,” Clifton said. Learn more about the incredible work he’s doing through his foundation at

5 thoughts on “Clifton Lewis: Helping Those with MD Live the Good Life

  1. i have a used wheelchair (about 1 year old) that I’m looking to donate. It is a powerchair and weighs about 300 lbs and would need to be picked up.

    1. Hi Irene! If you are looking to donate a wheelchair sometimes there are organizations local to you that will accept those. You can check with an MDA, ALS, Cancer Society, local VA, etc. to name a few ideas.

      We hope this was helpful, and that you have a great day!

  2. I need help finding an organization that will take several power chairs and scooters in the 32256, Jacksonville, FL area.

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