Where Can I Donate My Wheelchair?

There are many reasons why people get rid of their power wheelchairs and scooters. In some cases, it’s because they got a new wheelchair or mobility scooter and no longer need the old one. In other cases, it’s because the person using the motorized wheelchair or electric scooter passed away. If you or a loved one has gently used power wheelchairs and scooters, you can pay it forward by donating it to an individual or organization.

Donating to an Individual

Not everyone that needs a mobility device can afford one. There are multiple resources for funding power wheelchairs and scooters, but sometimes these resources don’t work out for the individual who looks into them. If you don’t know someone specific who is in need of a motorized wheelchair or scooter, you can find someone by doing a quick online search. Many times, people choose to raise funds online through a website like GoFundMe. You can do a search for individuals looking for power wheelchairs and scooters and contact the person organizing the fundraiser directly.

If you feel more comfortable donating your wheelchair to someone you know personally, or you want more assurance that the donation is going to someone in need, there are other options.

Donating to an Organization

Many organizations are happy to receive gently used power wheelchairs and scooters. You can choose your charity based on what cause is near and dear to you. There are veteran organizations, non-profits, senior centers, community organizations and religious groups. You can find a charity dedicated to specific diseases and conditions, such as the United Spinal Association, the ALS Association, United Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy Association and more. Once you find an organization that resonates with you and you feel you can trust, they will graciously accept the donation and pass it onto an individual who can benefit from it. For more information about where you can donate your wheelchair, check out our article! If you decide that you want to try to sell your electric wheelchair instead of donating it, we have an article all about this subject. Click to learn more about where to sell your electric wheelchair

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