Veterans Affairs (VA)

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs offers the following to eligible service-connected disabled veterans: 1) services leading to suitable employment and/or 2) services leading to more independence in daily living. The federal VA website has a great deal of information on VA Programs, veteran’s benefits, VA facilities worldwide and more. Veterans and their dependents are served by the VA website.

Eligibility Requirements

Requirements are complex, and not all veterans are eligible for all benefits. Generally, if a veteran is eligible for admission to a VA Medical Center (VAMC), then any disability will be treated.

Application Process

Contact your local VA Benefits Counselor to determine the veterans benefits you are eligible for.

Veterans Affairs Department for Your State

14 thoughts on “Veterans Affairs (VA)

  1. I AM A VETERAN’S SPOUSE, WILL I BE ABLE TO GET ASSISTANCE IN GETTING A LIFT CHAIR? THE SEAT WOULD NEED TO BE AT LEAST 29inches from arm to arm. Right now my weight is about 365lbs.

    1. Hello Harla! If you are covered by your spouse’s veteran’s benefits I suggest speaking with your primary care physician to see what your insurance will cover. Please let me know if you have any additional questions, I will be happy to help point you in the right direction after that.

      Thank you,


  2. I am a disabled Veteran with prescriptions from my Orthopedic Physician and my Primary Care Physician for a Power Lift Chair. I purchased a PLR-975M chair because the Prosthetics Dept. at the Reno, NV VAMC stated that they do not buy furniture. Can you offer any assistance for me trying to get reimbursed?
    Thank You

    1. Hi Frederick! Thank you for reaching out to us. We recommend speaking with your insurance carrier about funding options and reimbursement. Be sure to check with your primary and if applicable secondary insurance.

    2. The people in your Reno VA evident;y have no clue what a power lift chair is.. I strongly suggest you do two things, First contact your Patient Advocate at the VA and see if they can educate the ones who declined you. Second Contact the Regional VA rep and I suggest contacting the VFW Regional rep at the same time. That get folks educated in a hurry.

  3. why as a 90% vet, and the va, not paying for scooter …the va caused my problem–by not replacing my left knee in 2018, now i have bone on bone–arthritis i can’t walk with out pain….we have tried everything……

    1. Hi Bill, very sorry to hear you are having trouble. We recommend speaking with your benefits coordinator and primary care physician, they will be able to go over the details of your medical plan.

  4. I had an accident today with my husband’s power chair it fell off the back of the lift in the middle of the road and it is destroyed can I get it replaced and what do I need to do

  5. I am 100% VA disabled for heart disease agent orange related. I have MET of 1 to 3, fraction injection is 22. I have an ICD. With all my meds and heart condition I get dizzy alot and have fallen several times. Am I eligible for a power scooter from the VA

    1. Hi Jerry! We suggest speaking directly with your primary healthcare physician and mentioning to them that you are interested in exploring mobility options. At the VA there are typically seating and mobility specialists you can work with.

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