Vocational Rehabilitation

Helping citizens disabilities achieve independence through employment is the goal of vocational rehabilitation services. Vocational rehabilitation organizations offer services like job readiness training, job coaching, job placement assistance, orientation and mobility training for people who are blind, assistive technology assessments, as well as services to employers who hire people with disabilities.

Eligibility Requirements

An individual must meet the following criteria: 1) have a substantial impediment to employment as a result of limitations imposed by a physical or mental disability, and 2) the individual is capable of benefiting from vocational rehabilitation services in terms of employment, and 3) the individual must be of employable age by the completion of his or her vocational rehabilitation, and 4) the individual requires vocational rehabilitation services to prepare for, enter into, engage in, or retain gainful employment.

Application Process

Contact the Vocational Rehabilitation counselor in your state.

Vocational Rehabilitation in Your State

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  1. Please contact me on how to obtain funding for lightweight electric wheelchair. I am a two year ak leg amputee I have medi care and medi Cal I live in California
    Thank you much

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